A Sample Speech for Future Educators Essay

Today, we are gathered in this place because we have the same course. And we are at the same course because of different reasons. Yet, whatever reason it is, I believe that many of us are called to be teachers. But the question is, are we ready to be the chosen one? Many are called, but few are chosen. Not all of us who aspire to be teachers will become teachers someday. We will be passing through many screening process that will test our abilities, skills, and intelligence. We should also meet the standards required in our chosen field to be accepted and become professionals.

Our success in passing through all these tests and standards will depend on us – on how we pursue in our studies, on how we make decisions, on how we give value to our education, on how we direct our minds towards positive goals, and on how we motivate ourselves towards excellence. We should never be affected of what other people say about our course. I know many of us have encountered situations that we are asked, “Why BSED? ”, “Why an EDUCATION course? ” They are asking why we did not choose courses like accountancy, engineering, nursing, and other known courses, as if we have chosen a wrong course or an inferior one.Well in fact, there will be no engineers, doctors, nurses, businessman and the like without the molders. And yes! Teachers are molders of professionals. Because of this, we should be proud, that as future educators, we will become part of the success of other people. For it is education that liberates people from poverty, it nourishes the searching soul for literacy; it unites societies impeding disintegration, and resuscitates our nation’s inclination for freedom and development.

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So let’s stand up and be proud, future molders of professionals, the chosen ones!


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