A River Runs Through It Essay

When I think ‘A river runs through it’, the Brad Pitt comes across the first who throws a fishing rod into the blue sea entirely. This is the most beautiful and impressive scene and it tells us the suggestive meaning about what the movie wants to tell as well. The elder brother Norman and his younger brother Paul who grows up in the most beautiful Montana and live in a stern pastor family. Also they grow up to maturity with their fishing’s skill and reach a high level. But the two brothers are completely different from Norman and Paul.

The younger brother Paul has a forceful personality. Norman went to the way to be a professor and Paul became the journalist and enjoys the gambling and adventure was eventually due to his personality of his free life style, unfortunately he died because of unexpected injury at a young age. In general, we compare fishing to life. Because the philosophy of waiting and esthetics of rhythms shares. The movie shows the flying years if human life that keeps the waiting and rhythms of years, the pain of human in it and the hope.

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Also, as showing the totally different ways of life between an older brother and a younger brother, it helps us to think how to live our life sincerely. The father believes that fishing is the rhythm of god who create universe. Under this belief, father teaches the fishing to two sons.

However, two sons have different attitude, even though they are thought the same teaching from father. The older brother tries to follow father’s instruction faithfully, but the younger brother starts fishing with his own creative way in some stages.The method called a shadow throwing is Paul’s own way to fish with free rhythm and creative actions. When Norman came back to hometown 7 years after he left, and when he saw Paul’s fishing, he realized that the way of Paul’s fishing is not a technique of landing, but an art of harmonizing with his life. The whole life story in this movie made me feel like fishing even which I have never done it before.

The movie was so interesting and nice, the fishing scenes is the story altogether.The movie is started the scene with the old Norman fishing alone and he keep the first part of the story by his remembrance and back to the present point to end by the scene of Norman’s fishing. And Norman he recalls the unforgettable story of his father’s sermon after his younger brother Paul’s death. “we can love completely without complete understanding” I like this line, I wonder how only the reason why we cannot understand, let the time slide by the time we can love each other and live on. Although there are tears, pains, and conflicts, eventually through the whole these things go together let our life makes beautiful and valuable.


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