A Review of the Iphone 5 Essay

Apple’s iPhone 5 had been under development for over a year until its release a few weeks ago. With so much time dedicated to its development, one could expect nothing short of perfection. This and the fact that Apple is a well established brand in the market of technological gadgets accounts for the elevated expectations placed by consumers on iPhone 5.

Features of this phone are innumerable, but consumers agree that they make it stand out among leading brands in market. It seems to make a striking impression to general users, business users and students alike.Having been a loyal user of android smart phones for almost three years, it has experienced great features that these mobile gadgets offer. A decent one offers instant internet access, personal task organisation and good entertainment capabilities including seamless gaming as well as music and video play back. People have accorded higher regards to flexibility of a phone to suit my immediate needs and provision of new features not found in other phones. As a technology savvy with an insatiable urge to explore new gadgets, most of the people stay on the lookout for captivating features that come with new gadgets.Consequently, my decision to buy the new iPhone 5 about two weeks ago is arguably quite natural for me, given my inclination to keep pace with technological advancements. The greatest concern was value for money, given the budget constraints of most of the students.

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So far this garget has proven to meet most, but not all, of the expectations I have in it as outlined in this review. Although iPhone 5 is definitely not exactly as portrayed in the striking official advertisement, it features for seamless digital assistance for students and business persons alike albeit at a considerable cost (Tsukayama, 2012).Introduction As consumers, we always place expectations on products that we purchase. Some of these are met and yet some are not. Consequently, one can reliably appraise the product and give their personal review eventually establishing whether or not the product is recommendable.

As stated earlier, my expectations in the iPhone 5 generally reflects the desire for a flexible, capable, durable smart phone, which assures a good worth for my money. Particularly, I expected the phone to have the following three features. First the phone should be more of a personal assistant than a gadget for use.The different may not be instantly apparent, but unlike a gadget, a personal digital assistant should be able to converse with you to some extent. Second, on top the features of a decent, standard phone. IPhone 5 is expected to provide seamless integration of the phone with documents in my computer or in the cloud as well as the capacity to access desktop features such as document viewing and editing, gaming and access to emails and news updated on the go. Finally, high expectations for the phone to have certain features of augmented reality.In this regard, it should provide voice commands in natural human commands, and possibly handwriting recognition to enable students to write notes on the gadget, fast and in a natural manner.

The Outcome Having used the iPhone 5 for a while now, here are some of the outline of the expectations it met and how it did so as well as a few that it did and state why. Personal Digital Assistance IPhone’s iOS 6 features Siri, a very capable build in voice recognition app that lets you use your voice to place calls, send messages, schedule meetings and much more.Moreover, the application understands your natural language, so you issue commands just as you normally talk. Perhaps, what is more fascinating is that the app is able to reply to you by speech. Siri is smart enough to not only understand what you say but also figure out what you mean.

So, if you for instance, ask “Is there a good coffee shop nearby? ” Siri gives you such a reply “I found several coffee lounges around here”. Furthermore, it is proactive and asks you questions to clarify your command. This is one of the features that render iPhone 5 excellent.It is exactly what I expected for in the phone (Grothaus, & Sande, 2011). Computing Capabilities Apart from ordinary call features, extended battery life and up to 64 GB of internal memory, iPhone 5 comes with several build in features that provide strong computing capabilities comparable to some extent with those of low-end desktop computers.

This includes social networking apps including facebook and twitter, iCloud – an app to integrate you phone to Apple’s cloud platform; build in maps, among many others. Consequently, the phone generally has appreciably excellent programming capabilities just as I expected.Augmented Reality As a student, it would benefit greatly from an app that recognises my handwriting and transforms it into standard computer text.

Although this feature is not build in to iPhone 5, it is available through a jailbreak tweak. I expected this feature to be built in like it is Samsung Galaxy S III, one of the competitors of iPhone 5. However to some extent the feature may still be implemented in iPhone 5 albeit at an extra cost and poor quality. Conclusion Unlike android smart phones that have been used previously, most third party applications for iPhone are not free, contrary to my expectations.Moreover, promotion advertisements of iPhone 5 display rather unrealistic but very appealing features of the phone that are actually not there. However, since most of what was expected in the phone was actually there, the phone is arguably an excellent one assuring quality, durability and value for money.

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