A recommend a friend or family .

A 1.1: discuss the reasons for using customer service policiesCustomer services play a very important role in hospitality industry. This is a one of the main factors which give a competitive side to the hospitality industry.  E.g: restaurants, hotels and resort, recreation etc.

As the industry survive due to their customers; these ones have great expectation when it’s come to customer service. In order to ensure that customer are well looked after during their stay, most hospitality industry have elaborate the customer service policies.The customer service policies are set of rules set in place for employees to deal with the customer it’s also help the customer to know the hotel policies toward them. The objectives of customer care policy is to make sure that all the customers are satisfied, become loyal and can recommend a friend or family . Therefore it is very crucial for the employees of the hotel to be aware of the policies of the hotel and abide to them. Training sessions for the employees will help them to understand the importance of customer services and  to know the policies of the hotel.Below are some policies for hilton hotel It’s important for that each Guest at hilton is given appropriate information to make their stay as comfortable as possible. This include Check-In/Check-Out times, Cancellations, Payment.

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 Here are some policies to take into consideration: Accessibility: Hilton Hotels & Resorts are committed to provide  equality of service, access and facilities for all our guests. Smoking: Limited smoking rooms are available upon request. Family Children:The hotel has interconnecting rooms which, if available, can be guaranteed by calling the hotel at time of booking. A children’s menu is available. Breakfast is free for Children 10 and under.

Benefit for hotel to have their own customer service policies in place are:Customer expectations: customers are now more demanding and more likely to complain if they are not satisfied; this is because of different factors like better knowledge, higher expectations and so on. They are not happy with a thank you, please or just with a friendly smile of a staff. Now they want something special that suit them, for example give them a particular discount when they are not satisfy with the services.(Dominici & Guzzo, 2010).

Customer Loyalty: a pleased customer is a loyal customer; as they say that customer is always right; so in order to please the customer it is very important to make the policies and follow them so that all the expectations of the customer are met. Loyal customer will spread the good news and recommend more people to your hotel.  There are other more benefit like: customer satisfaction; staff motivation; good reputation; customer feedback and so on.(London hilton at park lane/about policies/assessed on January 2018)Customer care policies at Hotel Hilton London Green Park, which is one of the most famous and renowned hotel.

Some of the customer care policies of the hotel are as following:Customer Service PoliciesImportance to the CustomersQuick and FastProvide a quick check-in to business and holiday travellers. To satisfy their customer, they go to the length of giving them their prefered room; some are just passing by and  hilton make sure they provide them with breakfast and WIFI in their room and give them express check out facilities.In term of complaint of customer there are a quick service recovery process in place this include giving them a free wine bottle and may have a free night if the situation was bad,Feel like HomeAs usually called “home away from home” the hotel consider all the guest coming for leisure or recreation and give them their prefered room bed are to welcome families of three and can arrange an extra bed on request.  Children under 18 can stay free if accompanied by their parent and those under 10 eat free; they also provide a local tour by the concierge. Feel like a KingThe guest want and expect to be treated like kings and that what  the hilton hotel provide to them; they go to the extent of keeping their information so they can provide them with greetings card ,gift on their birthday or anniversary when staying with them this is to show the guest that they care and are thinking about them. They also provide information of promotions and special offer to frequent stayers guest.

(London hilton at park lane/about policies/assessed on January 2018)A 1.2 Discusses the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy,  indicating how this can assist future staff training and developmentPurpose of Evaluation: Whenever the policies are designed and implemented it is very important to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of those policies. For a hotel or any other hospitality industry it is very important to know whether the policies implem


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