A Reaction To John Proctors Pride In Essay

The Crucible By Atthur Miller Essay, Research PaperCheryl Bohlin 11/28/00 English P.11A reaction to John Proctors Choice of ExecutionSalem was an full Puritan community manifested by greed, lecherousness, fright, and ignorance ; these qualities caused the accusals of witchery. The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a drama that took topographic point in the 16 1890ss during the celebrated but tragic Salem Witch Trials. During the clip of the tests everyone was either politically motivated to believe the misss wild jokes were the work of the Satan, or they were so fleeceable that they think no kid could of all time lie.

It became obvious shortly after the tests started that their neighbours had falsely accused many people as a method of retaliation, and as an mercantile establishment for their malice. Abigail Williams was the karyon of all immoralities in the narrative. She tempted Proctor into lechery, and committed its improper Acts of the Apostless which all are against the Puritan faith. To get away penalty for other offenses such as dance, she denied the actions and blamed them on person else, and did non care how many lives she ruined. Abigail started throwing the incrimination, foremost at her slave Tituba, and once more uses this instance to assail Rebecca Nurse, one of the best Puritans in Salem.

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John Proctor saw this and began his attempt to halt the unfairness. His urgency increased when Abigail accused Elizabeth, John s married woman out of enviousness of and lecherousness of John. Elizabeth was so tried and sentenced to decease, go forthing John to be accused following.

This farther motivated John to salvage his married woman, his community and finally himself. In order to make this he had to turn out Abigail was a prevaricator and expose her for the evil she was, but he would besides hold to acknowledge his incorrect making every bit good. In add-on, he besides had to convert the leaders of Salem that they were mistaken in believing in enchantresss.

A difficult thing to convert when the victims are frightened to believe of denying the grounds, because to deny the being of immorality is to deny the being of goodness, which is God. Not a sole could turn out they weren t casting enchantments or capturing people, if they could non turn out it they could non salvage themselves. John contemplated the importance of his household, name, life and what good was left in Salem. He struggled with the fact the existent truth behind Abigail s motive would reprobate her, but would reprobate himself every bit good. He chose decease over calumny of his character, to protect his household from accusal. John Proctors pick of decease over a prevarication to salvage his life was credible, it was a harshly suffered loss but in making so he protected his household and eventually deliver his good characterJohn s biggest interior convulsion was squealing he had committed criminal conversation with immature Abigail Williams. This roped him into the tests against his will. His efforts to derive back the love and trust of his married woman Elizabeth were denied by Abigail s bold accusals.

This was clearly Abigail s enterprise to recover the love of John, in hopes that he would turn to her after Elizabeth was put to decease. Abigail used Johns pride against him she knew that John would ne’er desire to stain his name, but she besides had underestimated the goodness within him and his demand to deliver himself in the eyes of his married woman.Proctor proved to be a good and baronial adult male and this was demonstrated when he decided that he could non squeal to the offense of witchery and avoid being hung.

To accept a confession the justice required him to subscribe a written confession, which stated that he was guilty by the offense of witchery. Because it is my name. Because I can non hold another in my life How many I live without my name? I have given you my psyche ; Leave me my name ( IV 143 ) . Proctor was emotionally disturbed, because he had excessively much pride to let fellow Puritans to look down on him with contempt, even if he could hold spared himself, he would non let himself to be branded a enchantress. John subsequently said to Elizabeth My honestness is broke, Elizabeth ; I am no good adult male. Nothing s spoiled by giving them this prevarication that were non rotten long ago ( IV136 ) . John felt strongly about holding a good name and non deceasing with a bad 1.

He weighed both sides of both sides of his internal struggle and realized he could non do another error, and alternatively would warrant his first error with his decease.Proctor prescribed himself an unfortunate decease, non out of selfishness, but instead for the interest of his household, this was a epic determination on his portion. The Proctors find themselves in their concluding conversation ; both reveal their true feelings and emotions.

John is filled with joy to see his married woman s forgiveness but at this point he is sentenced to decease, and the true calamity of their love became most apparent. As John died, Mr. Hale pleaded for Elizabeth to assist her hubby to squeal, but she was merely able to choke out a weep stating He hold his goodness now.

God forbid I take it from him ( IV 145 ) . Abigail s merely victory was destructing their matrimony, but she didn t benefit from it. Alternatively she forced John to do the ultimate forfeit, non saving his life.John Proctors pick to decease was of import to do a statement against the insanity of the town, for himself and for God, and utilizing that as a last resort to do people cognizant of what was go oning and to halt the mass craze.

He was a sufferer, for holding died for a cause and salvaging the lives of other guiltless people. This last effort for righteousness is an illustration of monitor s great character and principle. Through John Proctor s experiences will people larn the valuable lesson of making the right thing regardless of the effects?


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