A picnic party Essay

Whenever I think of that memorable picnic party and my first cooking experience with my best friends at a river bank, I burst out (suddenly start) laughing clouds gathered in the sky. A cool breeze began to blow. It was really a day to enjoy. We chalked out a program and thought of spending the day somewhere with friends. After a long discussion, we were able to decide on the picnic spot, things to take with us and some enjoyable group activities we took no servant with us.

We wanted to have the experience of cooking, so we took along us some kitchen utensils, eatable and fruit, and we all went to the river. We reached there and set out our heat quarter under a cool shady tree. First we played a football match and distributed mangoes, packets of milk and juice among the best players. The cash prize for the best player was the one riyal that was given to me. I was very happy to get the prized. After the match, we started playing chess, and some of started singing songs in Arabic and English.English songs with Arabic accent were very funny, and the made all of us laugh and laugh, some of us were jumping, swimming and dipping in the river.

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We also enjoyed a short program of quiz reciting poems. The most interesting program was (please don’t laugh) this program designed by one of our classmates. He explained some words.

Which are found in Arabic , and in some other languages, but their meanings are totally different. For example the Arabic word (NANA)(sort of green leaves)is(mint)in English , but urdu and hindi, it means (grandfather) (the father of your mother ).It also means(no, no,)in English the word(nana) for (grandmother)is used by children we really enjoyed the frenzied activates. Now our cooking started. Nobody was a cook; everybody was to have a hand in it. Two of us began to knead the flour. They were boxing with the flour and grasping.

Peeling of potatoes, garlic and cutting the onions made us weep and laugh. It was not an easy job. One fellow want to the river to wash the meat and came with less than half. We had forgotten salt and green chili to bring with as, so we had to do cooking without them.I cannot explain the taste of what we cooked. Some of the friends said, we cannot find such a great taste even in Mc Donald and KFC. We had to eat all that because we were very hungry.

We were eating and laughing. What was the great taste! We tried to bake good naan breads, but they refused to be round. They adopted different shapes like saddles and triangles.

After that, we started eating sweet – and –sour oranges, apples and mangoes. Everybody pounced upon the juicy oranges- yellow fresh and large mangoes and left the green ones.When the ripe ones were finished, we started snatching the green ones. It was a great fun eating and running after one. Now sleep gets over us, it was noon.

We offered player, and then we lay down under shady trees and slept. It was evening when we got up and started back. It was a pleasant ride home. Slow driving, sweet songs on the road and thinking about the strenuous [using a lot of physical or mental power] activities especially the cooking experience at the river, that we did on the river bank were a truly memorable seen that is still fresh in my memory.


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