A Not Profit Organization Accounting Essay

1. ) A not- profit- organisation is formed to function public or common benefit other than the accretion of net incomes for proprietors or investors.

It is an incorporate organisation which exists for educational or charitable grounds, and signifier which its stockholders or legal guardians do non profit financially. Many non- net income organisations besides seek revenue enhancement exempt position, and may besides be exempted from local revenue enhancements including gross revenues revenue enhancements or belongings revenue enhancements. Well- known non- net income organisations include Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and United Way. Generally, a non-profit organisation is defined as an organisation that does non bring forth net income, but, they really need to bring forth net income in order to go on their operation.A non-profit organisation demands to bring forth gross to pay its employees.

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A complete organisation is made up of the direction group and workers. The direction group will be after and pull off the operating system of the organisation and the workers will take and command outcome nonsubjective planned by the directors. Hence, wages are paid every bit wagess as workers have been contributed their attempt to keep and better the operation of the organisation.

A non-profit organisation has to bring forth net income to cover the operating costs. Quite a immense sum of capital is needed to bring forth an operation of a non-profit organisation as it is more likely supplying sort of charitable services. Hence, net income is needed to guarantee the organisation can be traveling on and possibly could be expanded in the hereafter.

If there is merely outgo but no income, an organisation might be belly-up. Net income is of import to equilibrate the end product of an organisation.A non- net income organisation has to bring forth net income to better direction accomplishments and operation accomplishments of the workers and directors. Management accomplishments and operation accomplishments is of import in an organisation, to do certain an organisation is good organized and holding possible to be expanded in future.

Well-trained, adept and knowing workers are needed in the attempt of bettering an organisation. Therefore, skill-up classs and workshops are needed to develop the workers. Hence, there have to be a budget from a company to be for employees developing intent to bring forth more originative and advanced workers.2. ) Conceptual model is cardinal, in the sense that other constructs flow from it and repeated mentions to it. It will be necessary in set uping, construing and using accounting and describing criterion.

Conceptual model is intended to move as a fundamental law for the standards-setting procedure or supply a footing for the creative activity of accounting criterions to steer in deciding accounting differences that arise during the standard-setting procedure by contracting the inquiry to whether or non specific criterions conform to the conceptual model. The Conceptual Framework helps a better apprehension of accounting information included in general purpose fiscal studies and, in bend, their assurance in IFIs. Additionally, the Conceptual Framework is aimed at many other benefits including the followers:The Conceptual Framework promotes harmonisation by supplying a footing for choosing the most appropriate accounting intervention permitted by the fiscal accounting criterions. Harmonization of accounting criterions ensures dependable and high quality fiscal coverage. It enables systematic reappraisal and rating of public presentation of a transnational company that has subordinates and associates in assorted states. It can turn out to be important to the economic and fiscal development of a state.The Conceptual Framework assists users of fiscal studies in construing the information contained in fiscal statements prepared in conformance with fiscal accounting criterions.

It provides an apprehension of the rules on which they are prepared. Each national standard-setting organic structure has its ain conceptual model supplying the foundations on which its accounting criterions are based. Many observers believe that harmonising these models should be the precedence in developing globally accepted criterions.

The Conceptual Framework is a usher for the development of future fiscal accounting criterions. It is used as mentions for future designation and reading of the major fiscal statements information. Owners or investors need fiscal information associating to the entity to measure how efficaciously the directors are running it and to do judgements about likely degrees of hazard and return in the hereafter. Stockholders need information to measure the ability of the entity to pay them a return dividend. The same applies to possible stockholders.The Conceptual Framework is a usher and a regulator of subjective judgement made by direction when fixing fiscal statements and other fiscal studies.

It provides information for directors and comptrollers to assist them to compare varies of company between past and present. So, directors can see whether they need to do any judgement through the information. The truth and completeness information are really of import for them to make any decision.A judgement made could be more precise and it could forestall a direction doing a incorrect judgement on an accounting statement. A direction would be able to do a more accurate determination through observations and readings, driven by conceptual model on a right way, to forestall an unjust judgement.The acceptance of the asset-liability position in the original Conceptual Framework has had a important consequence on fiscal coverage criterions and has led FASB to extinguish many of the deferred charges antecedently recorded in the balance sheet. It act as a significant advancement of accounting knowledge and service as a basis for the revolution of fiscal coverage criterions through the accommodation of the asset-liability position.

The asset-liability position act as a going from the usual position that accounting should aim on the analysis of net incomes through the matching of costs with grosss. The asset-liability position is based on the logic that it is indispensable to specify and mensurate the beginning and terminal points, the balance sheet of a passage before mensurating the passage which is the income statement itself.The Conceptual Framework makes criterions puting more efficient by supplying a common set of footings and premises for analysing accounting issues. Each clip a statement on an accounting issue happen, it is non indispensable to reinvent the wheel. FASB and the IASB expect a common Conceptual Framework to advance the convergence of U.S.

GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) , finally taking to a individual set of high-quality planetary accounting criterions.The Conceptual Framework assists national criterion puting organic structures in developing national accounting criterions. In the procedure of development, conceptual model can be used as a guideline to do certain the development of national accounting criterions is on the right track.The development of a conceptual model allows effectual communicating between faculty members, who frequently speak different linguistic communications and do inexplicit premises and constructs unconsciously without consideration of other readers.

3. ) Modern twenty-four hours clerking

Bookkeeping is a papers to garner historical informations for used in anticipation and analysis of concern.

Bookkeeping have evolved straight from “ method of Venice ” system by Frater Luca Pacioli. The book was titled “ Summer de Arithmetic, Geometry and Proportion. ” the major impact from the book is on mathematics country, and footing of modern clerking. However, Benedetto Cotrugli wrote “ Of Trading and the Perfect Trader ” , a book that summarized a simplify dual entry bookkeeping construct that is still be used today by the modern twenty-four hours bookkeeper.The development of clerking in mediaeval times included some necessities, Recording of facts in a common linguistic communication, Wealth and the being of recognition, Exchange of money, Organized, wide-spread commercialism and Property rights and altering ownership. Bookkeeping has evolved from clay tablets to paper legers, and now is computerized systems.Importance: The extreme importance for a existent estate retention is ever up to day of the month their fiscal history.

Apart from this, there is several importance of clerking.First importance is Capacity of human existences is limited ; we ca n’t retrieve all information and ever bury in short clip. Harmonizing records help us retrieving and reminding.Following is readying of fiscal statements, concern demands to cognize its fiscal place and the net income or loss during the twelvemonth. Bookkeeping records offer informations for fixing income statement and besides place statement.In extra, fiscal information and informations are needed when doing determinations. For illustration, planning, prediction, budgeting and cost ascertainment.

The Forth importance is demands of revenue enhancement governments. To hold an reliable and dependable revenue enhancement liability, book-keeping records is attach importance by revenue enhancement governments.

Double entry system

Single-entry clerking system known as Incomplete records, is a method of bookkeeping maintain its fiscal information depand on one sided accounting entry. Single entry system evolute from original simulate three-pillar reconciliation and Four-pillar reconciliation to use the Tripod clerking.

Nowadays, dual entry clerking system be the utile method in clerking.With dual entry clerking, all minutess must recorded in two above histories. Using dual entry allows big organisations maintaining more accurate record. That ‘s why many organisations dedicate themselves to supply dual entry accounting services.

Importance: The first importance is Systematic. Double-entry system provided a systematic technique from entering fiscal dealing. Beside that, it besides has consecutive order in clip with proper narrative of the fiscal dealing.Double-entry system record inside informations of fiscal minutess. That ‘s why we can happen the necessary information from the clerking for usage of cut down cost and others.Following, truth is another importance of dual entry system. “ Every debit sum there is a corresponding recognition sum ” based on dual entry rule. This can assist to do certain the recordings of fiscal minutess ever high arithmetical exact.

Double-entry system provides necessary fiscal information for doing determinations by a concern. Beside that, other users such as creditors, proprietors and directors besides can acquire information from dual entry system for their ain intents.4. ) One advantage of utilizing accounting criterions involves the rating of managerial ability. Accounting criterions are good in mensurating the efficiency of direction refering the solvency, liquidness, profitableness and overall advancement of the company.

Without the accounting criterions, it would be difficult to find the managerial efficiency, because there is no beginning of contrasting the fiscal consequences of one company with another. Each company would develop its ain criterions or ordinances to put its intent to supply a true and just position of the operation of an company to the users of accounting information.The 2nd advantage is the apt of understanding the fiscal statements. The accounting criterions which published to necessitate procedures for concerns or company to follow.

Companies are expected to follow the published accounting criterions when composing fiscal statements. These users depend on the guess set in the accounting criterions when explicating the consequences reported. Once the users understand these guesss, they will utilize this cognition when reexamining any fiscal statement.

Following, accounting standard assisting in betterment of the dependability and credibleness of fiscal statements. The accounting criterions supplying a unvarying construction of unvarying guidelines and therefore created an environment of assurance for the users of the accounting information. In this manner the fiscal statements show a just and true position of the operating consequences of a concern organisation and fiscal place.The undermentioned advantage is extra revelations. There are certain countries and conditions where of import information is non required to be published by jurisprudence. Standards require of extra revelation such as the methods of depreciation used and transform of method depreciation which support the users of fiscal statements to do of import fiscal determinations.The last advantage is comparison.

The value of accounting information is enhanced if it can be compared lightly in the same categorization or line of concern activity. The comparison is likely merely when same type of accounting criterions are used in the readying and agreement of the fiscal statements of different houses or company but in the same industry.


A disadvantage of utilizing accounting criterions involves the in the mechanical attack. There may be a tendency off from flexibleness and towards rigidness in using the accounting criterions on their concern. Some observers have a esthesis of the professional judgement should be applied on proficient affairs.The 2nd disadvantage is inflexible model.

Accountant must follow with different experiences faced by different company. The accountant must do the tantrum of the guidelines of the published accounting criterions with company ‘s alone experiences and incorporate both of it.Another disadvantage of utilizing accounting criterions is the criterion is different from jurisprudence. Accounting criterions can non overrule or put over the statute law. The criterions have to be framed among the scope and range of prevalent statute law. Furthermore, criterions may be affected by membranophone up support of some organisation or authorities force per unit area.The following disadvantage is the costs for the company to implement with the criterion.

Company need to see the demands of the accounting criterion, what actions that company required to take to follow with the criterion and how much the cost will be. In many instances, the company must plan new processs to put to death the accomplishment of history criterion. Company needs a big fiscal investing that includes system ascents, employee labour costs and employee preparation.The last disadvantage is hard pick. There are some beings of statements to urge the alternate solutions to certain accounting jobs occurred.

Therefore, the pick between different option of accounting solutions may go hard and complicated.5. ) Historical cost are besides known as the original cost. The buttocks that we gain is every bit to the sum hard currency or hard currency equivalents when we pay.

Liabilitiess in the normal concern activities may be exchange to pay the sum in hard currency or hard currency equivalents.Current cost accounting is besides known as market value accounting and it besides a rating method whereby assets and merchandises used in production are valued at their existent or estimated current market monetary values at the clip the production takes topographic pointThere have four virtues and four defects of the historical cost accounting construct. The first virtues of historical cost accounting construct are it has a less range for use because historical cost is non merely possible minutess, it is based on existent. The directors have to reported and measured dispassionately from entering all the liabilities and buttocks at their acquisition monetary value. Therefore it is verifiable for minimises the hazard of use of figures. Second, historical cost accounting provides an of import range of options in mensurating the economic information, coverage and recognizing to directors. Harmonizing to the past information, it helps directors to gauge their future operational cost, it can impact the choice and rating of determination regulations. The following virtue is utile for control intents, the end of accounting is major affecting the stewardship map of direction in conventional accounting.

The income statement provides the cogent evidence for finding how effectual direction has achieve its duties and answerability is necessary signifier record of past minutess. The last virtue of historical cost accounting is certainty and simplify, most entities will cognize that what they have purchases or paid for the assets because the accounting processs simplified, without holding to modulate the histories. Besides that, they know what involvement they received in exchange for their duties easy.The defects of the historical cost accounting constructs as follow, the first defect is the historical cost method does non describe the true economic value of fiscal instruments and the accommodation of the accounting value of an plus or liability with its market monetary value takes topographic point merely in certain state of affairss, rule when the company can show that the value of the plus or liability has been changed for good. Second, the historical cost method is apathetic to alterations in buying power of the currency, exaggerating net incomes in periods of lifting monetary values and minimizing the grade to which capital assets maintain their value. The undermentioned defect is the corresponding, historical cost accounting becomes uneffective in economic systems exhibiting hyperinflation and the legality of historic accounting remainders on the guess which the currency are recorded remains stable in the minutess. The last defect is the method is excessively simplistic for complex minutess.

For illustration, the house may hold involvement rate barter committednesss it to pay big sums even though the historical cost of the barter is zero.The virtue of current cost accounting is relevant for decision-making intents, comparison with historical cost fiscal coverage, the market value of current cost accounting is good to show the economic world of minutess, therefore it tends to supply more relevant and utile information. The fiscal statements of houses should depict the implicit in economic world of the houses instead than the sum-up of past minutess because the concern environments are altering quickly and going volatile. The market value of fiscal coverage is more dependable than historical cost statement although it may less dependable due to the subjectiveness of some measurings. The other virtue is it provides a better step of efficiency, before they sold, current cost accounting gives a separation of net income which arises from keeping assets. This will reflects the consequences of plus direction determinations and besides will impact on the house of the environment but non reflected in minutess.

The last virtue of current cost accounting is enhance the comprehensibility of the study, because it retains the familiar with the current buying power unit of the nature of nominal pecuniary units of measuring, the method of rating of its assets are normally accepted by the users of the original cost accounting statements.The defects of current cost accounting is unfastened to subjectiveness, in most cases current cost is non based on existent minutess when used. It is difficult to find the exact current value. When no market monetary values are available or assessments, computations of reproduction cost and usage of index figure will be necessary for the assets. So that, current cost can to be verifiable and nonsubjective, the handiness and handiness of market monetary value are needed a standardization of the method. The last defects of current cost accounting is merely relevant for short-run determinations, it is show that investors use current cost information in their short term portfolio determinations. It besides concluded that current cost information does non look to be the impulsive force.

Share returns in long tally of current cost fiscal information is less closely associated than historical informations. So, there was no convincing cogent evidence that single current cost accommodations play a of import portion in the dividend determination.


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