A Night to Remember Essay

As we all waited in line to go into the Luke Bryan concert there was a thrill of excitement in the air.

I was standing there with my mother, aunt and friend. It was my mother’s birthday gift I had surprised her with. We walked through the gates, people running to get to their seats. You could smell the fries and burgers the stands had made to sell, guys walking around selling water yet people were too anxious to eat at this point. We went up to the lawn so excited for Luke to appear on stage.

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The lights from the stage were so bright you could barely see the performer. It was a cool, summer night.The stars were shining; the moon was big and bright. Luke was singing, his voice gave us all goose bumps.

Every one of his songs could put anyone in a good mood. The crowd around us were dancing and singing along with him. We were all filled with such excitement. I don’t think the smiles on our faces could get any bigger. Even though it was hot out, we still wore our flannels and cowboy hats.

My mom and I both had the same cowboy hats on but mine was white and hers was black. The smell around you was a mixture of hotdogs, fries and beer. Every once in a while you could smell the smoke from a grill someone had out in the parking lot.

The sound of country music playing and people laughing was what made it a great time for everyone. The night got cooler; everyone started to settle down as Luke Bryan was done performing. We were sitting in the dried up grass, anxiously waiting for Tim McGraw to appear on stage. After a while a group of people across from us seemed to be bored as they started to sing and dance. Soon enough everyone else decided to join.

All of a sudden drums started to rumble and the crowd jumped up screaming with excitement as Tim McGraw took over the stage. Loud music continued to play as we danced all night long and singing every word to every song.Tim came down from the stage and ran through the crowd, some guys picked him up and he was crowd surfing! Hours passed by as it was time to go. All of us were so tired, my friend and I has even lost our voice from singing so much.

The stage lights slowly dimmed as Tim McGraw said his goodbyes. Until, the lights flashed back on and Tim McGraw decided to sing one last song for the night. This experience made a lasting impression because I love concerts, Luke Bryan and I got to spend that night with the people I love the most, If I could repeat that night over again I would in a heartbeat. It was truly a night to remember.


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