A Long Way Gone Essay

A Long Way gone is a great novel that tugs at the heartstrings. A long way gone is the story of a boy named Ishmael Beah who is a normal kid with a loving family growing up in Sierra Leone. However, one day while Beah is off with his brother and friends visiting the village of Mattru Jong to perform in a talent show, his home village, Mogbewmo, is attacked and destroyed by rebel soldiers. Because of the attack Beah’s family fled in hopes of finding him one day, but that never happens. This is a story of how Beah is able to overcome adversity and is able to survive in the mist of this civil war happening around him.The theme of this novel is that no matter what happens in your life there is always hope.

Throughout the story Beah faced many hardships. I think the biggest hardship he faced was the fact that he was separated from his family. His family was lost out in Sierra Leone and could have even been killed by the rebels. I have no idea what I would do if a civil war broke out in the United States and all of these different militias terrorized different towns killing innocent people for no reason. I cannot imagine how I could handle being separated by my family and being forced to become a kid solider and kill other innocent people.

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I have no idea how Beah is able to overcome all of this at the age of twelve. Another very sad moment was when Beah was literally down the street from his parents when another group of rebels attacked the village forcing Beah to go into hiding while his family fled away from him. Beah essentially lost his family for a second time. In spite of all that happened to Beah he was able to survive and make a new life for himself and try and forget about his lost childhood. No matter what Beah went through he still had hope. Secondly, one of the saddest things about this novel is that Beah almost had to face another civil war.

If he wasn’t able to illegally come to the United States he would have been back in the same situation all over again. Just when he thought it was all over and that he would be able to move on with his life, it all almost happened again. This just makes me think of all of the other kids that had to face the civil war a second time. How terrible would that be. It makes me wonder how other countries can let this happen and not try harder to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

It’s amazing how kids at such little ages can grow up so fast and fight for survival.It is highly commendable and those kids are role models for other kids out there that might be facing the same issue. Lastly, the one thing that I wonder about is how Beah can deal with the “unknown. ” He has absolutely no idea what has happened to his family or even where they are. For all he knows they could have died during the civil war or they could have lived and are still living somewhere in Africa. This book was a great way to possibly reconnect with his family, but it just sucks that it hasn’t worked.

It makes me wonder if he was even able to receive any information on his family or what happened to them.If it were me I would just want to know what happened. I feel like if they were dead I would want to know so that I would have peace within myself, because the “unknown” would feel way worse. This book really has its readers feeling for Beah and his family. All in all, A Long Way Gone was a great read. It kept me on my feet the whole time and diffidently kept me wondering what was going to happen next and if his family would ever reunite again. This Memoir really made me realize how good I have things in my life. When I was twelve I had a house food clothes was in school had my family and was living a great life.

However, when Beah was twelve he was traveling through Sierra Leone starving and looking for an escape from the civil war. This book was really an eye opener and it made me feel for many other kids in the world who may be facing the same issue. My heart definitely felt for Beah and his family. It would be amazing if one day his family read this book and was able to reunite with him. It is so great that Beah was able to escape form he civil war at 12 and was able to start a new life in the United States.

He is a true role model.


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