A Introduction To Human Resource Management Business Essay

Human Resource Management has become an built-in portion of every administration as the senior executives have realised that the best manner of deriving competitory border in the market is to develop a competent work force. Previously, the direction of staff was undertaken by forces direction section as their chief map was to enroll right staff for assorted appellations.

With the transition of clip and developments in the field of Human Resource ( HR ) , the companies stressed the demand of puting sufficient sum of financess in creative activity of a work force that will let it to keep its border in the industry ( Truss & A ; Gill, 2009 ) .

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Difference between Personnel Management and HRM

It is by and large believed that forces direction and HRM are similar constructs and there is minor difference between the two. On the other manus, the advocates of HRM are of the point of view that function of HRM has widened by a considerable extent and it covers a broad scope of facets that were overlooked by forces directors ( Marchington, 2008 ) .By and large, forces direction is referred to the set of activities that concern the work force such as staffing, contractual duties, paysheet and assorted administrative duties ; it shows that it was more concerned with pull offing people as compared to the resources. On the other manus, HRM takes a holistic attack by guaranting that there is a proper tantrum and alliance between the administration ‘s aims and long-run public presentation. In HRM, the employees are given extreme attending so that their ends are aligned with the concern aims ; both people and resources are expeditiously utilized ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

The forces direction is concerned more with run intoing daily activities and focal points on run intoing the employees ‘ current demands. Whereas, in HRM, the chief focal point is on the employees ‘ long-run demands and supplying them the chances to develop their accomplishments and competences so that they can be proactive and manage their duties decently. In personnel direction, employees were considered as a cost but in HRM, employees are valued as critical assets of the company ( Srivastava, 2010 ) .Since HRM takes into history all the compulsory facets required by the administrations to heighten their public presentation in the market and forces direction has become an out-of-date phenomenon, so a company should implement HRM map efficaciously in its concern operations. When HRM policies will be decently applied, an effectual and efficient work force will be created which will assist an administration in hiking its public presentation degree and increasing the rate of profitableness every bit good.

Line Management ‘s function in HR map

The line directors are the chief people who are in direct relationship with the line employees.

Harmonizing to Brandl, Madsen and Madsen ( 2009 ) , a line director is an person who is responsible for creative activity and care of the organizational procedure along with the people who create the concern offerings ( merchandise or service ) which it will sell such as apparels or travel service. These line directors are merely those persons who control the exact operations of an on administration and they are in charge of their staff employees.On the other manus, staff director or HR director does non hold the power of commanding these line or staff employees. In other words, staff directors are the persons who will rede the line direction of a company about their country of expertness ; these people act as internal advisers to supply them information about the legal and illegal facets of working, the policies that are developed for the ethical codification of behavior and rights that employees are eligible for rendering their services for the administration ( Qadeer, Shafique & A ; Rehman, 2011 ) .Furthermore, the line directors have double duties ; the foremost is to acquire the work done by the staff employees and 2nd is to do effectual part in the HR map. The line direction has to guarantee that employees are provided safe and healthy work environment, help them in developing their accomplishments that can do them eligible for publicities and assessments, actuate them to heighten the production and aid in cut downing the costs and give all rights to the staff related to their work and avoid misdemeanor of any Torahs related to the workers ‘ employment.

Hence, line directors have to maintain a balance between their functions as supervisors of the staff workers and helping HR forces in making equal policies for them. Therefore, the line direction is the chief nexus between the staff members and HR map and it has to carry through its duty of increasing the effectivity of HR map.

HR related statute laws in Irish administrations

In order to protect the rights of the employees working in an administration, the authorities has introduced certain Torahs and Acts so that the workers are non deprived of their basic privileges. Similarly, the authorities of Ireland has passed assorted Acts and Laws related to HRM that will protect the workers from any sort of misdemeanor undertaken by the employer. The major classs that are covered in the Irish Employment Law are employment contract, redundancy and dismissal, unjust intervention, wellness and safety at work, working clip, lower limit rewards, torment, leaves allowed and many more ( Irish Employment Law, 2013 ) .

Impact of statute laws on staff and administrations

With the aid of these statute law enterprises, the employees are intelligent about their working rights and they can action an administration in instance the employer deprives them of their privileges that is given to them by the authorities.

These statute laws even allow the administrations to guarantee conformity with the compulsory regulations required for working in an ethically responsible manner ( Srivastava, 2010 ) .These Torahs allow the HR section to guarantee that all of its policies are developed in conformity to the compulsory duties and protect the administration from any sort of legal claims that can be made by the staff. Hence, it is prudent for the HR professionals to develop an apprehension about the employment Torahs so that they can salvage immense sum of legal costs that can originate because of non-compliance with any of the compulsory ordinances.


The proprietor of the house is doing a wise determination by engaging a HR director for the direction of its staff and ensuring that the employment Torahs are decently implemented. By set abouting appropriate steps, the company will be able to develop a extremely skilled and adept work force for the enhanced public presentation in its industry. It will let the company to give all prudent rights to the employees so that they are satisfied and contended with the concern policies and processs.


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