A Hard Life is No Excuse for Poor Academics Essay

All excessively frequently people treat community college pupils are inferior to pupils of big universities. even believing that community college pupils are expected to be less successful. Making this lowers students’ morale and makes them experience they are unworthy of obtaining paid employment or even raising their ain criterions. Though this lowers morale. holding a difficult life perfectly is no alibi for holding inordinate absences.

revisions. late documents. plagiaristic work. or teachers with low criterions who do non necessitate the pupils to set every bit needed to win. As a community college pupil. the instruction I am working so difficult to derive has been scoffed at and even mocked. Once while holding a insouciant conversation with a colleague. he asked what college I attend.

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I told him Spartanburg Community College and he replied “that isn’t a college. it’s a proficient school. ” This is a premier illustration of how pupils from community colleges are treated as inferior to pupils of a big university.Students from every establishment can endure adversities and manage their adversities in their ain manner. I have seen a pupil who was combating malignant neoplastic disease and still keeping a B norm. On the other manus.

there are besides pupils who are merely lazy and that dreamy attitude shows in their faculty members. In the article “The Myth of Inferiority” T. Allen Culpepper stated: At both sorts of establishments. I have besides found pupils who manage to finish a full burden of categories successfully while working three occupations.

rise uping multiple kids entirely. caring for aged relations. and get bying with chronic unwellness or disablement. every bit good as pupils who take a comparatively light burden of classs and don’t do much else ( except illicit drugs ) but still pull off to neglect all their categories. despite considerable intelligence and ability. ( 330 )What this all comes down to is how difficult a pupil is willing to work on their instruction.

The more pupils see teachers accepting lacklustre work from dreamy pupils. the more the attitude spreads. This is where the teacher comes in. Accepting students’ alibis and inordinate absences. leting revisions. late documents. and plagiaristic work gives the teacher and in bend the establishment a bad repute.

With the universe literally at everyone’s finger tips. thanks to the cyberspace. no 1 has the alibi that they weren’t able to at least effort to finish and subject assignments on clip and without plagiarism. Thankfully. there are teachers who don’t believe this is helpful.If asked why he would make good as a community college teacher Culpepper said he would answer. “I have learned to keep high criterions.

expect pupils to run into them. and do whatever I can to assist pupils run into those outlooks. ” After which he goes on to explicate. “To lower our criterions is to accept the false premise that pupils “here” are inferior to pupils “there. ” ( 331 ) In any college.

pupils may hold to set to a different signifier of larning than they are familiar with. but to alter a instruction manner to pacify pupils is pathetic. “In my experience. most pupils respond favourably to professors who teach good and react negatively to professors who teach severely. regardless of the learning methods employed. ” ( 331 )Treating person as though they are beneath you is disrespectful and. if in a place of power. may be considered prejudiced.

Though negative words don’t leave seeable cicatrixs they do go forth emotional cicatrixs that can turn a one time successful pupil into a fighting. hopeless pupil. We are all equal and should handle each other as we would wish to be treated. The Oklahoman the universe as a whole patterns this. the Oklahoman prejudice and favoritism can go a thing of the yesteryear.Plants CitedCulpepper. T.

Allen. “The Myth of Inferiority. ” The Norton Mix.

Ed. Judy Sieg. New York ; Norton. 2012.

327-31. Print.


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