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A Governmental Structure Essay, Research PaperGovernment must be created to function the people in a merely mode. James Madison can outdo explicate this in his Hagiographas of The Federalist figure 51 stating, ? If work forces were angels, no authorities would be necessary. ? Witnessing and analyzing the island, its cabals, societal construction, and most significantly the population statistics the undermentioned description of a authorities will outdo suit the demands of the island-dwellers. The construction of this authorities will work out the jobs that many other states already have ; with exchanging from a monarchy to a modified democracy, the lifting birth rate, the troubles of cabals, integrating of adult females into the governmental procedures, and conveying Santa Clarita to modernisation.

The foundation of the authorities is mostly based on the United States Constitution. The chief thoughts borrowed from the United States are the separation of powers and a representative authorities.Division of the IslandFirst and foremost the island of Santa Clarita shall be divided into two separate provinces: Mumdumia and Wokwokia. Mumdumia will dwell of a big population of Mumdums, who already have segregated themselves. Wokwokia will dwell of a big population of Wokwoks. The provinces will each encompass half of the island, Wokwokia in the E and Mumdumia in the West.

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Elections and Branches of GovernmentFrom the two provinces representatives will be elected to make full places in all three subdivisions of authorities. The first subdivision will be the legislative, which will dwell of two houses: the Senate and the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth will hold 30 members, 15 from each province, ignoring population. The representatives will be elected by popular ballot. The representatives shall take three Senators from their several provinces. Every jurisprudence shall be passed through a bulk of both houses. This implies that a via media must be reached to go through any jurisprudence. In order to be a representative 1 must hold reached the age of 20.

The executive subdivision shall be a individual individual. The powers of the executive shall be explained in a undermentioned subdivision. Finally a Judicial subdivision will be, dwelling of five members. The executive, with the blessing of the legislative, will take the Judgess.

Legislative PowersThe legislative subdivision shall hold the power to go through all Torahs, which shall be applied to both provinces. A province authorities will non be. A separation into two provinces is merely to ease tenseness between the cabals. The legislative assembly will make an ground forces, a constabulary force, a fire section, a public plant section, and a national bank and currency. The legislative subdivision will go through Torahs of gross, pacts, declarations of war, and manage all internal and external jobs that should originate. The legislative subdivision shall besides hold the power to take public functionaries with a two-thirds ballot.

Impeachment can be imposed on diplomats, senators, fellow representatives, the executive, and Judgess. The term shall be two old ages for the Commonwealth, and six old ages for the Senate.Executive PowersThe executive subdivision shall preside over the legislative assembly and assist make via medias that serve the common good.

The 2nd undertaking of the executive shall be to go through or blackball Torahs harmonizing to merely concluding. The legislative assembly can overrule the veto with a two-thirds ballot in each house. The 3rd undertaking of the executive is to pick all Judgess and vitamin Diplomats, pending legislative blessing. The term of the executive will be four old ages, and a individual can merely be elected to the executive twice.Judicial PowersThe Judicial subdivision shall reexamine all instances originating from internal differences, foreign struggles, and constitutional instances.

The bench can invalidate Torahs and shall be the supreme tribunal of the island. The regulation of jurisprudence shall be enforced, with written judicial sentiments and a record of all instances tried. The term of the judiciary shall be lifetime, except in instances of retirement, decease, or forced remotion.Foreseeable ProblemsEndorsement from the male monarch of this new democracy is important. The king shall be the first member of the executive. He shall supervise the elections, ordering how they will run.

This will put precedency after the new authorities? s execution. This will besides ease the passage from the old monarchy. The king shall besides take the commanding officer of the ground forces, constabulary, fire section, in which many Wokwoks will be utilized. This should assist extinguish the big job of lethargy nowadays in the Wokwok manner of life.

The new authorities will animate a bulk of the Wokwoks to happen work in a figure of subjects. Tax and the zero-tolerance on torment of Mumdums will go forth the Wokwoks in a place to supply for themselves.The statistics of the island show that at the current rate, the population will duplicate in a few short old ages. The population roar can be seen as a approval. The new young person can incorporate into society, and most significantly, the outside universe, with an unfastened head. The new coevals can be taught to digest one another, learn from their parents? errors, and a better brotherhood can be made. A recent study of the island shows that the young person are taking an apathetic standing on faith.

There is no existent redress. One reply is necessitating faith to be taught in school. However, this action is non recommended.

Historically societies flourish when faith is non imposed, and spiritual freedom is promoted.The fact that the island has received little-to-no influence from Europe should be embraced. The civilization of Santa Clarita is integral, and is a alone facet of the island. This is a strong bond between the two cabals. However, I recommend that integrating into the larger universe does take topographic point for diverseness can convey positive alterations.Historically, adult females, despite the fact that household construction is matriarchal, have been suppressed. This is a old societal job that can unite the two cabals.

The jobs between the Mumdums and Wokwoks do non widen to adult females. Electing adult females means that via medias can be easy reached, despite the changeless quarreling of the work forces. The male monarch should besides promote this by go throughing equal chance Torahs, runing for adult females, and naming adult females to of import places.The societal jobs will be big at first, but should shortly be quelled under the way of the male monarch. The societal alterations will mostly be in the Wokwok manner of life, in which they will necessitate to happen other agencies to supply for themselves. This democracy will work because it protects the involvement of the whole people, instead than that of the two cabals.

The democratic system proposed is compatible with all current imposts. Much of the interior workings of their fundamental law have non been planned, but instead remain to be discovered. This authorities accommodates all cultural and societal facets of life.


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