A Golden Key to Success Essay

No one succeeds without failure, so “One who makes no mistakes makes nothing. ” is true. It usually happens everyday when we try to do new things.

Making mistakes is a key to success. For an example, let’s remember when we were a baby boy/girl; we stood, walked, and ran without help from our parents. We fell down million of times, hurt with wounds or scratches on the body (head, face, chin, hand and leg. ). We still practiced everyday and every time. Finally, we could know how to keep a balance of shoulder and hand when we stand and walk.Moreover, have you ever asked why you could paint your house as painter? If you paint a lot of houses, and make a lot of mistakes when you are painting them, you would know how to mix up colors and how to choose colors for each room. Another exciting example in my class, that is in ESL 251.

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On the rainy day, I had a group discussion on a particular topic; I talked to my friend (Yuri)-about the topic but she did not get it, even though I tried to speak slowly, and clearly. However, I did not give up; I wrote what I said on the paper.Now I knew why Yuri couldn’t understand; it was because I pronounced the word “start” wrong, so Yuri heard it as “star. ” Right after that, although I was embarrassed which made my face turn red, I have known that how American English and British English’s pronunciation are different from each other. Making mistakes help us find a key to success in our life.

In our life, it has a lot of mysteries from people who failed and then succeeded. Making mistakes is very common in our life, and it makes us feel stronger, grown up. For instance, “Have you eaten in the KFC store? Harland David Sander, the famous KFC “Colonel” could not sell his chickens, and more than 1,000 restaurants rejected him. The rejection of the restaurant did not make him give up; however, from it, he knew that his chicken is really good but it was not efficient in a restaurant setting. He changed to fried chicken by a pressure of fryer, so customer will not wait too long.

Finally, there are KFC restaurants bearing his image all over the world. Another person who failed and then succeeded was Walt Disney who was fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas. and his business went downhill. The first film about nature “Seal Island” did not have an attractive sound and visual images, so all cinemas rejected it.

Nevertheless, he did not give up, made another the film called “Snow White” which has many improvements on sound and visual images. Moreover, I had a lot of experiences from the driving test. I failed twice times before officially getting my license. With the test the third time, I passed because I knew how to solve situation, keep myself calm, and observe clearly when I want to change a lane, turn right/left too wide and narrow.Through by making mistake, I realized that I always make mistakes when I try to do new things or do something hard.

However, I learned to never make that same mistake again. Maybe I feel upset from the mistake but I know what I did wrong, why it was wrong, and how was wrong. Making mistakes made me stronger, more confident, and grown up. Therefore, if you do not try and you are too afraid to make mistakes, you would make nothing from your life. Mistakes are a great teacher beacause they lead to success.


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