A focus on the Isolation of North Korea Essay

North Korea is among the few states that still hold on to communist political orientations in the twenty-first century. Political analysts are of the common understanding that the isolation of North Korea was self imposed. It dates back about five decennaries during the reign of Kim Il-Sung who was focused on ego trust. Kim refused to open up North Korea to foreign investing when the economic system started worsening in the 1980 ‘s. Additionally, North Korea defaulted on about all of its outstanding loans.

This action did non travel good with the international community and led to the infliction of several countenances. Leadership alterations in the state has non affected any alterations as the current Kim Jong-Il government has non showed any respect to the sentiments of the international community and alternatively choosing to run on its ain actions ( Cornell, 2002 ) . A political author has described the state as,“ A atomic armed province being run by an unstable dictator.

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” ( McCormack, 1993 ) .The state has received a batch of unfavorable judgment from the international community. The state has been accused of selling atomic arms and weaponries to other terrorist states such as Libya and the recent missile trials have angered the remainder of the universe with most states choosing to hold nil to make with North Korea ( Roudiger, 2006 ) .The fact that Kim jong-il has besides receded into isolation from the international calcium hydroxide visible radiation shows that the state is still dead set on keeping onto the provinces ideology which a author has interpreted as,“ Trusting in its ain strengths and independent capacities in economic, military and political personal businesss. ” ( McCormack, 1993 ) .I believe the isolation of North Korea has negatively affected international trade, civilization exchange and growing literacy.


The isolation of North Korea has negatively affected international trade. The exclusive ground behind this can be attribute to the provinces “ juche political orientation ” ( self trust ) which means that the province controls international trade and is really loath to let aliens to put in the state.

North Korea has ever relied to a great extent on its two neighbours ‘ when it come to merchandise which are the former Soviet Union and China. These trade dealingss were affected negatively by the prostration of the Soviet Union and besides the fact that China made some new trade policies ( Kirk, 2006 ) .North Korea has non made many friends when it comes to the international trade dealingss. The fact that they have continuously ignored the petitions of other states and the UN Security Council ‘s authorization to abandon their atomic plans has non helped the issue of trade dealingss.

In fact North Korea has earned itself even more countenances from the clip they tested some of their missiles ( Kirk, 2006 ) . These countenances have been imposed as a type of scheme to coerce North Korea to abandon these plans. States like the US and Japan that are one of the universe taking trade states have all imposed countenances that have reduced the trade between them and North Korea. North Korea has attracted countenances on fiscal minutess, trade good minutess, gross revenues of fire weaponries, prohibitions on travel to the state.The US has made it clear that it will non excuse the patterns of the state and has instituted steps that prevent houses to do any fiscal minutess with North Korea. The US exchequer has besides elucidated support from other states by avering that the state is involved in forging and washing money therefore defiling its image in the international community.

This caused some states to stop dead North Korean bank histories. North Korea is hence confronting the challenge of pull offing its fiscal minutess in a mode that can non be affected by the international community ( Perry, 2006 ) .All these factors have negatively affected international trade as North Korea has seen a immense diminution in the exportation of electrical contraptions and fabrics. The state imports nutrient, natural stuffs and engineering in big measures hence it is unable to equilibrate its imports and exports therefore necessitating the state to beginning for other agencies of foreign exchange like the sale of little weaponries to terrorist states.

The trade countenances have besides forced North Korea to transport some of its unfinished goods to states like China for concluding assembly and review before they can be traded therefore raising the cost of making concern.With all these jobs no wander North Korea is holding a hard clip in acquiring trade spouses. I believe that the fact that North Korea is insulating itself has forced them to rub shoulders in a negative mode with other states which are non willing to excuse such behaviours. In revenge they try to crumple the state into entry by taking steps that will ache their economic system.The isolation of North Korea has besides negatively affected cultural exchange.

With such a corrupt image it about impossible to construct a good common apprehension between North Korea and another state. Researchers define cultural exchange as,“ The exchange of pupils, creative persons, jocks and other elements between two states to advance common apprehension ” ( Cho, 2005 ) .Cultural exchanges are used to advance international good will and friendly relationship. North Korea has rubbed shoulders in a bad manner with most of the states hence most states are non willing to prosecute in any kind of cultural exchange plan. No state wants to be associated with a state that does things the manner they want without sing the effects ( Babason, 2009 ) .

North Korea is an industrialised state hence it depends to a great extent on engineering. Having an exchange plan with other industrialized state will guarantee the easiness in exchange of new engineering. States such as Japan, US and China which are industrialized provinces have all cut down on the exchange of engineering to North Korea which has led to the reduced end product. The decrease of end product has negatively affected the economic system of North Korea because the old engineering affects the quality of end product ( Cho, 2005 ) .Another negative impact on the cultural exchange is the travel bans that have been imposed on North Korea.

North Korea is pegged as a descent tourer finish with plentifulness of attractive forces that can non be found anyplace else in the universe. With the infliction of the travel prohibition, this means that North Korea is losing gross that would hold come from the tourers. Besides, the tourers would hold gotten a opportunity to encompass the linguistic communication and civilization of North Korea.

The benefit of this exchange would hold been two fold as besides North Korea would hold had the opportunity to portray themselves otherwise in forepart of the international community ( Nanto & A ; Chanlett, 2005 ) .The cultural ties between the Asiatic states of South Korea, China and Japan have besides declined because of this isolation of North Korea. The states have ever depended on each other particularly in the countries of wellness and instruction.

The cultural exchange plans would hold benefited these sectors really much as the country has some of the universe ‘s celebrated universities and wellness. North Korea is therefore losing more by playing hardball ( Cho, 2005 ) .The isolation of North Korea has negatively affected growing literacy. The isolation of North Korea has forced a downward tendency of growing in literacy.

What this means is that when the rates are compared with those of the fellow Asiatic states such as South Korea, China and Japan, North Korea seems to be dawdling behind. This is attributed to the fact the leading government is concentrating so much on transfusing the juche political orientation that it does look at what it is making to all these other sectors. Political analysts have said that North Korea has the capableness of being at the same degree as other Asiatic and besides some European states. The cause of this decreased growing literacy has caused legion jobs for the state most of them being strictly societal and impacting the people of the state.

The sectors affected by this are wellness, instruction and the population itself. The fact that North Korea is non in good newss with other states means that it is non able to profit from plans that can help them in the countries they are missing. For illustration, the state is faced with a serious nutrient deficit but because of the place of the province several states are non willing to utilize their resources therefore the state and the people of North Korea free more and all this finally adds onto the negative impacts impacting the growing literacy ( Nanto & A ; Chanlett, 2005 ) .The effects of growing literacy are felt up to the economic system and GDP of the state.

Currently, North Korea is confronting a serious diminution in its economic system. Experts have said that without the intercession of the UN council, the state could be headed to a state of affairs similar to that of Cuba ( Babson, 2009 ) .


The twenty-first century has no topographic point for states that are still keeping on to communism. In this modern twenty-four hours, a individual can non last on his ain Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely a state tries to make so by itself.

The “ juche political orientation ” being practiced in North Korea is as a consequence of decennaries of personality based leadings. The Kims governments have been bent on guaranting that the leading of the state is a household matter with no room for alteration ( McCormack, 1993 ) .The paper has discussed how the “ juche political orientation ” came into being and how it has negatively affected the state.

The paper has taken three positions covering the countries of growing literacy, international trade and cultural exchange. From the treatment it has come out that there is so a spread that needs to be filled.The paper has besides shown how the international community dainties those states that do non desire to encompass their political orientations. North Korea is lucky to still hold some states that are willing to tie in with them despite their continued defiance. This goes to demo that the states in the universe are non willing to merely allow the dealingss between them and North Korea to travel down the drain wholly because they all need each other to last.

The state has a batch to offer and research workers have predicted that it will someday place itself as a giant in the Asiatic continent. However, at the minute the state of affairs in North Korea is desiring and more demands to be done because those that suffer the most are the people.


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