A Creative Essay On A Birthday….

-at (1*****): insert your last name here-at (2*****): insert the day BEFORE your birthday (ex. I was born on April 2,so I put: April, 1)-at (3*****): insert your teachers name here-at (4*****): insert your exact birthday, include the year-at (5*****): insert your mother’s name (ex Mrs. Jones)I wrote this essay for my A+ term paper…My teacher said that this wasthe best part of it…

just follow the above guidelines…

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(1****) 2—————————————————————————-My Birthday: In the Beginning…”What a large building this is,” exclaimed Jake Burgess. Lookingaround, he admired the beauty of the architecture.”The time is currently 2:50 PM, (2****), 2127,” stated thecomputer voice, “have a nice day!””Let’s see now,” said Jake, “I have to be at room 2024 at…

Damn!I’m late!” He rushed over to the nearest elevator doors and pushed thelittle button marked “UP” several times. He was in great shape for a 62year old. When the doors finally opened, Jake quickly stepped into theelevator and pressed the button marked “20.” He stood there, waiting.With a humming sound, the elevator started its quick ascension.Stepping out at his floor, Jake looked around and spotted the door marked”2024.””Okay, its only 2:54, I still have one minute left.” Jake graspedthe knob, turning it and pushing at the same time.

The door swung openinto a small, warm looking room. In the center there sat a smallreceptionist’s desk, and a blond woman sat there.”Good afternoon, Ms. …””(3****), she said, “You would be Mr.

Jake Burgess?””Yes, I am him. Is Dr. Smith ready to see me yet?””Yes, I’ll tell him you’re here. He’s waiting for you, just stepthrough those doors.

” (3**********) pointed to the doors behind her(1*****) 3and turned back to the book she was reading, The Good Earth, by PearlBuck.Dr. Smith was standing behind his desk with his back towardsJake.

Looking out the large window at the ocean, the Dr. said, “Goodafternoon Mr. Burgess, welcome to your first therapy session with me.”He turned around offered his hand and asked, “Can I call you Jake?””Sure, Doc.

You know, I have never been to a shrink before, whatdo I have to do.””Just relax, and start talking about whatever you want, forinstance, why you have decided to take these therapeutical sessions.””Well, I have been feeling this emptiness inside ever since mychildren moved out. Ever since the first time I delivered a baby, I am adoctor, I have loved children. I remember that day, it was(4*********).

..””I had woken up around 6:00 am that day and had just goneoutside to get the paper. It was predicted to be a beautiful day, the sunwas to be shining and the temperature was to be in the balmy 70’s.(National Weather Service)It was only my second week working at the Hospital of Our Ladyof Mercy, so I was very excited and arrived at work a full half-hourbefore my shift started. I sat there in the lounge reading my copy(1******) 4of The New York Times. ‘Hawaii, Gets a Mixed Filipino Reception,’ andinteresting article about the reception of the Filipino dictatorFerdinand Marcos in the state of Hawaii.

(Bull) Suddenly, theloudspeaker called my name to report to the room 104.I rushed over there as quickly as possible. Picking up theclipboard with the patient’s information, I found out that (5*****) was inlabor. After several hours of comforting her, the baby finally decided tomake his debut in the world. At about 1:00 PM, I delivered a fine youngboy into this world. It really was amazing holding the little kid andrealizing that I helped a life into the world.Later that day, while reading a movie review about “ApocalypseNow,” I realized how amazing it really was.

(Shipler) I would neverforget that experience for as long as I lived.””Well Jake,” said Dr. Smith, “it seems that your love of childrendeveloped from this and now you feel empty because you aren’t currentlyhelping anyone.

“”Yeah, I guess you’ re right Doc.””Anyway, your time is almost up. I’ll see you next week okay?””Sure Doc.””By the way, Jake, did you ever find out what happened to thatkid?”(1******) 5″Yeah, he’s a successful doctor who works at that old hospital,’Our Lady of Holy Mercy’.”


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