A Country Is Backward Because Its People Are Backward Essay

It is too hard to take out the negative points on this matter because it is truth but like everything, it’s also included in both points, negative as well as in positive. Before considering the nature of its rareness, it is essential to know the relation of a country with its people who are living in it as well as those who have migrated from it.

A place or an area always called a country when some people live in it with sincerity. Both have equal rights to do work for one another.If it is necessary for the country to give relaxation or leisure time to the people or in other words, security of every person so it is also requisite for the people to make their country best among this world. As the country runs by government, like this the government runs or works by the people. A country doesn’t effect by the inflation rate in market but it is accomplished by that citizenry who ne’er like to work in their nation with un-assumingness.

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A country always tries to be independent when they see some positive points in it or when they find some kind of elements and natural resources on behalf of which they can boost their economy and keep themselves behind the inflation and this can only be oriented when the people of it become earnestness. Let’s take the example of Pakistan which is full of mineral resources and creative mind people but still it is being counted in the failure states, vitiated or debased, corrupt and losers. It doesn’t mean that there is nothing in Pakistan.The Muslims got it with very forfeit because it is such like God gifted area where everything is eternal, specially the scenery of various places like a Kashmir, Quatta, Moen-jo-Daro and many more, where the people are ready to spend countless money for their journey but just because of the people of it, it is not over there where it should be. The people of it perpetually hunger for the money, and they can never satisfy their thirst by getting their need. They incessantly open their mouth like a dog to take and eat again and again, more and more.

Every single person including the government and the heads or parliamentarians are dependent for this losing state because Pakistan gives every kinds of positive benefits and facilities to the people but the people of it never compromise and not even forfeiture for it. If just the people of it becomes solemn so nobody or no any country will be able to be trounced the Pakistan. We have versatile illustration for it like this, Australia, India, China, Singapore, and many more. At one time, the Malaysia was too poor and called the heart of bomb, when they got ndependency, and today this country has left the position of America.

The first chairmen of the communist party of China, named “Mao Zedong” in 1943-1976, he took the believes of all the people of china to bring the evolution in the country, and people responded cocksure. So today, we can see that china is everywhere, we can find each and everything which is made in china and this was, because of the unity of people and positive reaction. Singapore was an empty place before 1957 but today, it has own currency called Singapore dollar and it was the capital and largest city in 2003 est.

with 3,438,600 Singaporeans.The back warding off any country also effectuate by the uneducated people, who don’t know how to work out in a particular objective. At present day, education plays an important role I all matters but if we talk about any evolutionary system, so it becomes so especial. Without pedagogy no one can work properly because if the question arose for the development of a country so it is necessary for the people to maintained their mental skills high to judge positive and beneficial for everyone, and this sort of attainment can only come when the people are educated, otherwise no one can stop the country by becoming unsuccessful.Another reason is environment, makes the men’s personality and thoughts.

There are several kinds of environment from where a person learns different activities but usually, it describes by two categories. One is good and the other is bad. In the list of good communities there comes the patriotic people, sense able, signified, honorable and respectful who learns from you and also teach you. They keep the country in a good and right way, and another one is bad environs, who teach the abusing languages, unrespects ability, which is too harmful for the country as well as the citizens of it.After discussing a long time in the topic of back warding of a country, a question arise in every mind that who the people can assist to elevate their country? Because every topic id good for debate and a long discussion but while doing this sort of activity, nothing will found except wastage of time, so every question or the matter or subject needs the realistic answer which can be implemented in this world.

After getting the proof able statement, the country will be flourished but it also doesn’t mean that the new problems or troubles will not arise, where the question or the world development comes, the new troubleness will also take the birth. The answer of this question from my stance is that,” if person tries hard to get the higher education with sincerity and always think patriotic, means to be a good citizenry of that country to build the economy, currency rate and market infusions, and think to do welfare to the poor people and to all those people who really needs the aid, so it will calculate in the positive side of a country.By making useful thoughts, a person can become a useful personality for others. Being a good person, invariable works for the other and this is the basic element for the victory.

There is another question arise like many, as every positive side has a negative portion or from every action, reaction is also created, like that if we talk about the multitude works for the nation, so it is also important to know that after it how the country will be able to be given the facilities to the people? The solvent of it is so clear that when the people will well-educated so the country will have to give the desire able job.When their thoughts will so wide so it will the country’s responsibility to check them and use it for their exploitation but besides it, each and every person should take the knowledge or education, not just for completing their syllabus but for rest of their life which will become the experience of him or her. For achieving the targets or the vision of life, it is really necessary to be an educated person rather than trained and this will also help the country to become more and more advance if that person rejects to turn in brain-drain.


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