A Breakup of a Friendship Essay

Specific Purpose: To relate a true story on a breakup of a friendship of mine during the secondary school days. Additionally, it is to describe and explain how this collapse of a friendship has affected me and what I have learnt from it. To tell about surviving a tough reality, and how to rediscover yourself and find happiness in other better friendships. Thesis: The aftermath of a friendship can allow time for self-discovery, more worthwhile friendships, and a chance to do things you want to do.

I. Introduction 1) Greetings. I’m going to be talking about a breakup of a friendship of mine.Unnecessary but I would like all of you to know his name. 2) Attention Getter. He’s probably the weirdest guy I ever met; he is unlike any other normal human being. Just like a few of you, we probably don’t like being normal or hanging out with normal people.

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3) Preview of main points. The introduction of how we met and some of the memories we had. What caused the sudden change and breakup. What actually happened after the friendship had collapsed. II.

Body 1) Main Point #1. The introduction of how we met and how this entire friendship came about. How it started and every event that led to this friendship.A) On the first day of orientation, I was just minding my own business when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw this guy smiling brightly at me and spoke to me. * “If she ever talked to you, do ignore her. She is rather annoying. ” While pointing to the girl seated beside him. 2) Main Point #2.

From that day on, we started hanging out. Recess, after school, before school. Every day is a new day to have some fun. Some of the memories we had are really unforgettable. A) He encouraged me to join Volleyball when I had no CCA. * When I joined, the coach was not willing to teach me anything.

Instead, Baosheng taught me everything he knew. He was there for me. B) There times where I had family problems and was really down. * He was there for me. Just like what every friend would do, he would comfort me. 3) Main Point #3. What caused the sudden change and breakup. Life was great with a best friend until the end of secondary 2.

Everything just took for a turn. He just came up to me one day during class and told me he needed to buck up. He said that if we had continued living the way we had lived for the past 2 years, there would be no future. He asked me to grow up.A) You know at that moment, I was just stunned. I stood there, baffled by what he had said. He simply gave a faint smile and walked away. That was it, just like that.

I was hoping the next day he would come up to me and tell me he was joking about what he had said. * Life doesn’t always goes the way you want it to. When I arrived at school, I saw him mixing with the smarter kids. They were actually studying together. & when he saw me, he gave me that awkward look as though we were already strangers. III. Conclusion A) Signal closing – Well, truth be told, ever since he stopped hanging out with me, his efforts did pay off.

He emerged as the class top 10 at the end of year exams. As much as I hate the fact that we’re not on talking terms anymore, I felt happy for him. B) Restates Thesis – The aftermath of a friendship can allow time for self-discovery, more worthwhile friendships, and a chance to do things you want to do. C) Review main points 1.

Main Point #1. The beginning of a blessed friendship. I got to know him in secondary 1.

As crazy as a fanatic might be, he actually has some common sense in him. 2. Main Point #2.

Memories were special and unforgettable. It was priceless.Having a great friend like him, who could expect more in life? 3. Main Point #3. What had caused the sudden change in him and the reasons behind the collapse of the friendship. Bad results from studies, family pressure and on-going obstacles in life.

D) Memorable statement or call of action – With that, I moved on. I had my own life, he had his. But the funny thing was that on my graduation day, he came up to me and passed me this card thanking me for all the great fun we had and etc. That was probably the last I heard of him. E) Thank you all for listening.


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