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8th MalaysianPlan has actualized a Water Quality Improvement Program since the year 2001where several of detailed river studies had been carried out to determine thepollution sources and formulation of action plans. The river that were studiedare Sungai Langat (Selangor), Sungai Tebrau (Johor), Sungai Melaka (Melaka),Sungai Linggi (Negeri Sembilan), Sungai Sepetang (Perak), Sungai Kinabatangan(Sabah), Sungai Merbok (Kedah) and Batang Rajang (Sarawak) 22. One of the approachesto ensure our river quality is to prevent the contamination of it. The sourcesof Sungai Langat pollution are identified which is mostly caused by industrialdischarge by 58%, followed by domestic sewage from treatment plants by 28% andconstruction projects by 12% 2. Notwithstanding, it is known that thecontamination of Sungai Langat has now increased due to the rapid increment ofurbanization and furthermore because of the changes from undeveloped todeveloped area around Sungai Langat and it additionally has a tendency toexperienced changes of discharge and direct runoff volume. Sungai Langat hadconfronted a genuine deficiency of clean water in 1998 particularly because ofaimless logging and opening of highlands for housing, diesel contaminationoriginating from a quarry near the water treatment plant in the upstream ofSungai Langat territory and other pollutants from more than 100 factoriessituated along the rivers 11.

The source of contaminants can be grouped into two:non-point source and point source. Point source is known as single andidentifiable source that release pollutants into the environment in example thedischarge from manufacturing industries, sewage treatment plants and alsoanimal farms. However for non-point source which also known as polluted runoffis pollution which sources cannot be traced to a single point. It can likewisebe known as pollution originating from diffused origins such as agriculturalactivities and surface runoffs which are contributed by storm runoffs 2.

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