participants write what they understand

Session 1 1.     Who isa Manager – participants write what they understand  Possible Answers A person responsible for supervising the use of anorganization’s resourcesto meet its goals.Figure 1 Functions of managers·        Plans- Decides whatshould be done, when, who and the resources requiredTitle does not matter even if no one isreporting to you.·        Organises- creates a structure of workingrelationships that enable teams and teams’ members to interact and cooperate toachieve organizational goals. These include, ways of working, who authorizeswhat, etc.

H/she coordinates the use of organisations resources.·        Leads- Articulates clearly the vision, goalsand values of an organisation or team. Leaders use power, persuasion, influenceand communications skills to achieve the desired goals.

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·        Controls – Takes responsibility to see thatplans stay on course and takes responsibility for actions of the team.What else can describe amanager? 2.     Whatdoes a manager manage? Possible AnswersResourcesListthe type of resources that a manager managesPossible answers Figure 2 Enterprise resources·        People- most valuable, delicate, complex andexpensive resource·        Tangible Assets- vehicles, computers etc.

·        Intangible assets- Reputation, branding,information, time etc.3.     Whatare the roles of a manager  PossibleAnswers Figure 3 Roles of Managers  ·      Decisional-makes decisions from available options using available information.

·      Informational-Receives, interprets utilises and prepares and disseminates information fordecision making for self or others·      InterpersonalRelations- Manager works with others for the two roles 4.    Whatis common with resources that a manager manages?  Possible answer:·        All have a value.·        They are necessary for carrying out programs·        They require money to acquire them. 5.

     Whatis financial Management? 


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