Interms of murder and crime

Interms of murder and crime, revenge could be considered the central theme inHamlet. The play is based around the conflict between Hamlet and Claudius. Thedriving force that shapes the play is the revenge for the death of Hamletsfather, The former King of Denmark. In revenge plays the dramatist normallyintroduces physical drawbacks which get in the way of the main characteraccomplishing their revenge, but in a less traditional play, inner conflictfrom the protagonist is much more important.

Hamlet can be considered a lesstraditional revenge play because Shakespeare goes way past the conventionalmethod when he created Hamlet’s character. Hamlets emotions and inner turmoil becomethe main focus of the play rather than revenge, highlighting Shakespeare’sadvanced form for revenge tragedy. Shakespeare went against what his audiencewould have expected to watch by not sticking to the normalities of a revengedrama, and showing what happens to a person psychically and mentally when goingthrough grief and sorrow.

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