I have a dream to

I have a dream to learn from an institute which provides quality education, peaceful ambiance for research and has his name among the world’s top universities. UPPSALA has all these properties with excellent welcoming nature which motivate me to pursue my Master at this prestigious university. Securing admission in the highly ranked university is an epiphany for a middle-class aspiring student but I believe, the actual point of jubilation is, when he passed with flying colors. Marvelous research atmosphere provided by UPPSALA not only in research’s resources but also in financial assistance to motivated students who want to pursue their career in research and therefore, I am applying for a scholarship at UPPSALA University.

Diligent study and perpetual effort always kept me among top students and secured Merit Scholarship in all semesters of undergrad. I was well aware of the importance of embedded system and did several mini projects based on embedded system to strengthen my command over coding and designing of electronic systems. Even this curiosity forced me to select final year project named “Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle” in undergrad based on the diverse application of embedded system which was the culmination of one year’s effort.After graduation, I gained six years’ experience in Embedded Systems’ Programming and Development from reputable research organization of Pakistan, where I designed many embedded systems by employing Texas Instrument’s microprocessors along with their firmware in C/C++ language. I believe, having an extensive experience in relevant field, it is a right time for me to embark upon my graduate studies and dive deeper into my chosen field.

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Studies from UPPSALA University help me to efficiently and effectively take part in the technological development of my country by generating employment for local people and help them to overcome socio-economic crises.  I sincerely believe, I will be the best resource for your university and thankful to you for considering my application for a scholarship.Sincerely,Muhammad Shabbir Hasan


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