68. 1 b. Only 2 c. Both


  Which of the following tiger reserves isaffected by the Ken-Betwa link?A)     Palpur-kuno wild life sanctuaryB)     Bandav garh nationa parkC)      Panna national parkD)     Pench national park69.  The mechanism that facilitates Mediterraneanclimate isA)     Northward migration of the sunB)     Arrival of maritime air massesC)      Development of temperate cycloneD)     Shifting of pressure belts  78. World Development Report is released by which of the followingorganization?a.      World Bankb.      International Monitory Fundc.       World Economic Forumd.      US treasury.79.

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 Agriculture is a prime moving force for the Indian Economy because:1.      The country has the natural resource offertile land which is fit for cultivation2.      Human capital did not require any kind ofhigher education.a.      Only 1b.      Only 2c.       Both 1 & 2d.      Neither 1 nor 280.

 Indian’s decision for planned economy in 1950 was inspired by some ofthe contemporary experiences of the world. They are:a.      The Great Depression of 1929b.      Command economies led by USSR performing muchbetter than market economies.c.       A dominant role for the state in the economyto neutralize the market failures was gaining ground around the world.d.      All the above81.

 Which of the following is/are not examples for the failure of the marketeconomy?a.      Great Depression – 1929.b.      Global financial Crisis.

c.       USSR disintegrationd.      None of the above.

 82. Which of the following is/are true about Inclusive growth?1.      It was in 2000-01 that the govt.

of India cameto think clearly about inclusiveness in the economy.2.      The basic theme of trickledown theory isInclusive growth.3.      Inclusive growth was an integrated concept in11th plan (2007-2012)a.      Only 1 & 3b.      Only 2 & 3c.

       Only 1 & 2d.      All 1, 2, and 3.83. Which of the following is true for economic reforms in India?1.      Economic reforms in India – 1991, was aresponse to balance-of-payments crisis.

2.      It has liberated the economy of India withoutany limitations.a.      Only 1b.      Only 2c.       Both 1 & 2d.      Neither 1 nor 284.

Which of the following is true about”closed economy”?1.  USSR was a best example for closed economy2.  Exports and imports are uncontrolleda.

      Only 1b.      Only 2c.       Both 1 & 2d.      Neither 1 nor 2 85. Whichone of the following statements is/are true about the Foreign Direct Investment(FDI)?1.

FDI brings in both capital and management skills.2.FDI flows only into the secondary market.

3.FDI is more stable than FII.a.      Only 1 & 3b.

      Only 2 & 3c.       Only 1 & 2d.      All 1, 2, and 3 86. In India, in the overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP), EightCore Industries takes prime share. Arrange them in descending order: 1.      coal2.      Crude oil3.

      Refinery products4.      Electricity5.      Steela.      1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.b.      3, 4, 5, 1 and 2.

c.       4, 5, 3, 1 and 2.d.      5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.87.  Which of the following are true regarding1991 BoP crisis?1.

      New industrialPolicy,1991 was a response to economic crisis2.      IMF helped Indiain solving BoP crisis unconditionally.a.      Only 1b.      Only 2c.

       Both 1 & 2d.      Neither 1 nor 288.  Which of the following are true about’capital gains’?1.’Capital gains’ in India is a taxable income. 2.   It is natural increase in the value of theproperty owned over a period of timea.      Only 1b.

      Only 2c.       Both 1 & 2d.      Neither 1 nor 289.   Consider the following statements and chosecorrect ones:1.      Gross national Product (GNP) is the GDP of acountry added with its ‘income from abroad’.

2.      Income from abroad includes PrivateRemittances, Interest on external Loans and external grants.a.      Only 1 trueb.

      Only 2 truec.       Both 1 & 2 are trued.      Neither 1 nor 2 are true.90.

  Whichof the following statements are true with respect Brexit?1.      Britain can go for FTA (Free Trade agreement)with India while Brexit process ongoing.2.

      Britain can go for FTA negotiations only withEU members while Brexit process undergoing.A.      Only 1B.      Only 2C.      Both 1 & 2D.     Neither 1 Nor 2 


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