An unusual military chain dating

An unusual military chain dating back 4.

000 years ago, including castles, fortifications, towers and fortresses communicating through light signals, was discovered in Syria by analyzing the aerial and satellite imagery by a Franco-Syrian team.These works directed by Arkeorient Laboratory (CNRS, Light Lion 2) and the General Directory of Antiquities and Syria museums were published today in the Paleorian magazine.”It is the first time that a fortified system is discovered in such proportions. This large structure prevailed over the steppe of central Syria and served as the shield of the agglomerations and the most attractive areas in the Middle Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC), “- told one of the authors, Marie-Odile Rousset researcher at the French Research Center (CNRS).

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The region observed by the Franco-Syrian mission of the deserts of Northern Syrian is located east of Hamas and covers an area of about 7000 square kilometers. These virtual excavations complete those carried out on the ground from 1995 to 2002 and then in 2010 that is before the war, which coincides with the period of ceramics.”From this period, mainly urban fortifications are known, but there is a fortification of a territory to protect traffic axes and lands,” Marie-Odile Rousset told to the media. These fortresses were built from huge blocks of unrefined volcanic rocks and walls a few meters high.

“Moreover, each fortified center was set up in such a way as to enable virtual communication with others by light signals, lanterns or fires, such as the Indians to quickly transmit information to major centers of power, “explained archeology.Located on the edge of the highly populated of sedentary areas of the fertile Crescent west of the rough steppe of the nomads in the east, this region has not been permanently inhabited.”We have found that this region was reconquered in the crisis period. Recently, the center of the Roman era was reconquered by residents who had left Hama and Homsi, ” reported the archeologist.


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