Three major educational changes overthe

Three major educational changes overthe past 100 years that have positively influenced students is technology,standards, and assessments.

Technology allows students to recover all types ofinformation at a much faster degree than before. This instant form ofinformation allows students to be more educated and informed. Without theincrease in technology students would be limited on resources to graininformation from.

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The change in standards have been raised over the years. Havinghigh standards in teaching means more student’s knowledge are being challengedin way that would help them be successful. Without the raising of standards,each generation would suffer.

I feel this would be because each generation ofstudent’s is different and the world is changing with time. We must hold themto standards that will help them be successful in the future. Lastly, assessmentshave changed drastically through the years in many ways.

They have changed informat, level of intensity, and the way that the students must think to dowell. Not only did the assessment change, but the school systems have changedwhich assessments the students will or will not take. Without assessmentsschools, educators, parents, and students would not know the level of knowledgethat the student has. Which would put the student at high risk of fallingbehind or between the cracks. 


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