5. 3. Value Proposition To provide wide

5. The continuity test.Even when changing the strategy and adding new activities,it is important that they are not much different from what the company wasdoing before. By implementing changes that are still typical for Kohl’s, itwill help to maintain their brand name identity and perception in customers’minds. Kohl’s strategy meets the continuity test, since the new strategic movesare not changing drastically what the company does, the new moves might berather considered as some add-on’s that will make the company more modern andwill correspond to the newest customer needs.

3. BusinessModel Canvas. 1.Key Partners. ?      Suppliers ?      Brands ?      Channel and distribution ?      Hospitals 2. Key Activities ?      Offering wide product portfolio ?      Offering discounted prices ?      Creating online shopping experience ?      Managing physical stores 3. Value Proposition To provide wide range of private and national brands of high quality at affordable prices, both, online and in-store locations.

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4. Customer Relationships ?      Easy self-service online. ?      Personalized assistance. ?      Customer care 5. Customer Segments ?      Women and men over 35 y.

o ?      Millennials 6. Key Resources ?      Intellectual property and brands ?      Real estates that is leased and owned. ?      Online platforms ?      Supply chain ?      Personnel 7.

Channels ?      Consumer website ?      Corporate website ?      Physical stores ?      Mobile app   8. Cost Structure ?      Space lease ?      Human Resources ?      Product development ?      Administrative expenses 9. Revenue streams ?      Sales of merchandise 1. Key partners.

The company operates in an industry where partners arecrucial to the existence of the business. Partners offer the possibility of a widevariety of apparel and accessories and distribute the product to the customers.?      SuppliersNumerous suppliers that offer merchandise which isafterwards resold by Kohl’s. The partnerships with supplier services andtechnology, equipment also play an important role allowing to create a decentenvironment for the operations.?      BrandsRepresenting one of the key partners, the exclusivepartnership with the brands, allows the firm to deliver their clients theexclusive product.?      Channels and distribution This partnership is crucial to the delivery of the products,from the store to the customers, and from suppliers to the store.

?      HospitalsThrough partnershipswith children’s hospitals across the country, the retailer helps to address theneeds of local communities to improve the lives of thousands of families everyday.1 Offered programs range fromhealthy development and safety to wellness and chronic disease management. 2 2. Key Activities.Currentactivity system map1 Admin.

 Hospital Partners,corporate.kohls.com/corporate-responsibility/hospital-partners.2 Admin.

 Hospital Partners,corporate.kohls.com/corporate-responsibility/hospital-partners.


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