Theauthorities influence corporations and therefore

            Theauthorities influence corporations and therefore the corporate structure. For instance, the industry that thecorporation belongs to, may place some supervisory laws, offer subsidies ortaxes which may force the corporation to alter its structure. Furthermore, thegovernment requirements for a legal framework for any corporation can also actas a pressure to the corporation to change its structure. Legal framework includes the responsibilities that thecorporation must attend to. Lastly, ifthe government offers a supportive program that encouragesthe existence of the corporation such as financial aid, the corporation altersthe structure in order to absorb suchbenefits.

Economicfactors and technology            Thestructure of a corporation depends on the pressure brought by competition inthe market. The structure of a corporation depends on the structure of othersimilar corporations in the market to reduce the stiff competition. Thestructure can also be altered so as to incorporate the ever-changing technology.c) Project StructureThe project structure below includes the four projectsintroduced to the corporation’s structure; stereo equipment, instrumentation, and testing equipment, optical scanners, anddefense communications. 

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