3M 1981). From rational to institutional, which

3M company  is organization equal  to innovation it is the shine example of themost innovative company  and described as’a smooth running innovation machine’ ( Mitchell,1989)  Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 3Msolemnize  yearly in the fortune  500 which is an annual list rankings, as the’most respected company’ according to their total revenue for their respectivefiscal years.  And also as  the ‘most innovative company, they are theleader of large numbers of markets –from Health Care which is core component of3M business model ( 3M offers more than 1800 HealthCare products) and high waysafety to office products and adhesive and abrasive, the organization consistof  26 business units and 46 technologyplat form, 3M success starts due to their capability to apply theirtechnologies in combination with an endless bundle of real world customerneeds, 3M has clearly established itself as an innovation leader.Nowadays, 3Mfaces many challenges to maintaining its valuable position as an innovativeleader company. As the company become larger and has many branches worldwideand more complex with different business units , involved in different globalmarkets with wide range of variety in products and technologies, at differentstages of their life cycle, “it recognizes that different managerial andorganization structure  may be necessary For every situation and task an organization is facing”( Henry Mintzberg) (1992, 2009) . The ‘freedomfor individual creativity’ high risk approach to research and development maynot be suitable in certain sectors. 3M also faces strong competition” In theinitial stages of their life cycle, organizational fields display considerablediversity in approach and form. Once a field becomes established, however,there is an inexorable push towards homogenization” (DiMaggio and Powell, 1983,p.

148).  Early and late adopters (Zucker& Tolbert, 1981). From rational to institutional, which means that costeconomies should be made to maintain profitability.The 30% rule proportion of newproduct sales profits  may not beachievable by all Divisions The Health Care business unit was an significant component of 3M’sbusiness model, participating in  a largepercentage to the company’s annual  revenuestreams Although, the unit was recording significant sales and profits , it hadfailed to introduce a successful new product to the HealthCare market  in almost a decade. Given that the company hadset one of its working objectives to produce thirty percent of sales fromproducts that did not exist four years earlier, this team had its work cut outfor them (Thomke & Nimgade, 1998, p.

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