The science project that we

          The science project that we are going to complete is about growing gummy bears. We are going to see how different substances affect the size, shape, and weight of each gummy bear.    First we need to know what our constant is made of.

A gummy bear, specifically haribo brand , is made of from a mixture of glucose syrup , sugar and dextrose and gelatin . Added to this mixture are fruit, plant extracts, flavors, colors and citric acid.   Because gummy bears have a semipermiable membrane osmosis will be able to take place fairly easily. In other versions of this experiment the effects were pretty different depending on the substance. So, i believe it is safe to say our experiment will show similar results.    We chose several different solutions to compare and contrast the effect on the gummy bears. By definition a substance is certain type of matter with uniform properties.  Next we need to know the difference between the different types of solutions in terms of osmosis.

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A hypotonic solution has low osmotic pressure. A hypertonic solution has high osmotic pressure. And an isotonic solution has the same osmotic pressure as the other solution.

    We chose different substances based on the different types of compounds in them. The first substance we chose was regular water as it is a basic compound. The next substance we chose was vinegar. Vinegar contains 5-8% acetic acid which means it could potentially break down the gummy bear a fair amount.    The third substance we picked is salt water. We chose salt water because it is not a compound but a mixture so we want to see if both the salt and water will enter or exit the bear.  Another substance  we chose was baking soda because it is known to have bleaching properties that help lighten. So this may affect how osmosis will work between the bear and substance.

    The fifth substance we chose is milk. We chose milk because it is a heterogenous mixture and it contains fats. The sixth substance we are going to use is apple juice. It contains several types of acids. The last substance we chose was pepsi.

This is because it is a homogeneous mixture unlike many of the others that contain acid.        


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