Meek Mill finally brought his

After amonth-long delay, Meek Mill finally brought his Wins and Losses Tour toSyracuse,Saturday, Nov.

4BS1 . Over 1,000 fans packed theGoldstein Auditorium to listen to the Philadelphia-born rapper’s earlier hits andcuts from his new album during the Greek Freak concert hosted by the SyracuseUniversity National Pan-Hellenic Council.             During the nearly hour long set, Mill remainedtrue to the blistering pace and gritty style of rapping that made him famous. TheMaybach Music Group hit-maker delivered electrifying moments throughout thenight, opening with a fiery performance of his Dreamchasers 2 track “HouseParty.” After diving into “Monster,” the rapper segued into his”favorite song from DreamChasers 4,” “On the Regular.

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”            Mill controlled the crowd like amaster with his rhymes, theatrics and energy. The fans in attendance showed appreciationfor the performance by singing along, shouting praises and being lively.             “I have been a fan of Meek sinceseeing his underground cyphers online back in 2011,” said Erin McCants,Syracuse University sophomore. “There is nothing like the energy he exertswhile on stage, it’s infectious. This night was well worth the wait.

”             Accordingto Mill, his third studio album, Wins and Losses, was a chance to get back tothe hardcore rapping style that broke him into the industry. Tracks such as”Young Black America” not only offer the listener hard hitting lyrics, but alsoa message. “I wanted to dedicate one song to open the eyes to the people whodon’t come from my culture, or the people who are caught up in this jungle andthe things that are taking place in the world.

”            The performance concluded with Mill thankingthe crowd for coming out and supporting him in addition to vowing to come backto the Syracuse area soon to top his performance.  BS1″onSaturday.” … We don’t need recent dates for a local daily or weekly paper. Use theday of the week instead.


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