300 Weapons and Strategies Essay

The film 300 is an action film that takes topographic point in 480 B. C near Greece. It is about the celebrated Battle of Thermopylae that chiefly involved both the Persians and the Spartans. The Iranian ground forces.

led by a male monarch named Xerxes. is in the procedure of taking over several Hellenic provinces in Greece. When Xerxes arrives at Sparta to strike a trade with King Leonidas ( Spartan Army Leader ) that he will hold power over all of Greece if he will bow down to King Xerxes.

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Leonidas responds with revenge against the Persians. King Leonidas assembles 300 of his toughest Spartan soldiers to take on the Iranian ground forces at the transition manner of Thermopylae.Although badly outnumbered against Persia’s 100s of 1000s of work forces. King Leonidas and the Spartans hold off 1000s of Iranis from come ining the transition for a few yearss. “ Iranian King Xerxes lead a Army of good over 100. 000” . ( IMBD ) With Leonidas in conflict. back at Sparta.

Queen Gorgo ( Queen of Sparta ) urgently tries to carry council to direct more back up to Thermopylae to assist King Leonidas. Unfortunately. the Spartans were betrayed by a late rejected Spartan trial named Ephialtes. who decides to pay back King Leonidas for his rejection.Ephialtes finally destroyed any opportunities of Sparta get the better ofing Persia by informing Xerxes about an unknown secret Goat Passage that would take Persia to the dorsums of the Spartan soldiers.

Xerxes and the Iranian ground forces shortly defeat Sparta but all in good name. Due to the motive and bravery of the 300 soldiers. they inspired all of Greece to travel against Persia and battle. Separate 2 After watching the film. it is clear that most of the war tactics and schemes are really accurate to the existent existent life conflict that we knew.

Harmonizing to 300 Spartans. “ This unit was produced of 300 Spartiati Warriors who were held in their highest regard by their fellow citizens in Sparta” . ( 300 Spartans ) So due to Sparta’s immensely outnumbered army size. military order was a major factor when battling. Not merely was the order and place of their ground forces an effectual scheme. but it besides helped prefer Sparta and gave a competitory advantage when combating enemies who didn’t have such order. This was a major part to why King Leonidas wanted to conflict at Thermopylae. besides known as “ Hot Gates” .

This was a bantam country that made it favourable for smaller forces. “ The base on balls of Thermopylae consisted of three ‘gates’ where the land narrowed in a favourable place foe a smaller ground forces. The East and West Gates were highly narrow. nevertheless. the Middle Gate while a small wider than the other Gatess is where the Grecian warriors set up their defensive places. ( Spartan Warriors ) King Leonidas spent a great trade of clip concentrating specifically on the preparation of his soldiers so they could be decently ready for conflict.As shown in the film.

his formations for conflict extremely impacted what the result of the war would be. A insistent conflict formation used with Sparta was called the Phalanx. The Phalanx is a formation that lined up a little group of work forces forcing on the dorsums of the adult male in forepart with their shields giving no room for an enemy to steal by and finally get the better of them. “ Now in existent combat. it was a large shoving lucifer with the forepart lines forcing against the enemy and each subsequent line forcing against the dorsum of the work forces in forepart.

( Military History )This was done by working his manner into contending in a narrow closed off country in hopes of miring enemies and doing unexpected pandemonium. This would guarantee the full potency of his warriors against Persia. Since Leonidas’ ground forces was so good trained. they had no job get the better ofing Iranian soldiers head to caput. So to heighten battling conditions for Sparta.

traveling between mountains. go forthing merely a little tract for minimum enemies to acquire through at a clip was standard and a critical manner to contend for the best result.Now in the film there is a little scene that shows Spartan soldiers dispersed and contending one on one with several enemies. This was non an existent happening with Spartans because dividing would hold engulfed themselves with the battalions of enemies that surrounded them. In the film it is non wholly depicted right as even mentioned by. allexperts. com.

“ In existent combat. if the combat broke down into adult male on adult male scrimmage like shown in the film. the Spartans would be easy overcome. ” ( Military History/Spartan Battle Tactics )Another of import scheme for Sparta during conflict was integrating suited terrain for their benefit. “The rugged terrain isolated groups and made the usage of chariots and cavalry really difficult” . ( Spartan Military ) In world this merely seems to do sense but even in the film there is a scene where Spartan soldiers are forcing enemy military personnels off a seaside drop.

therefore integrating the usage of a unsmooth terrain to their advantage. The film 300 was really accurate in exposing these schemes several times precisely how they are described to be used in existent life by the Spartans.King Leonidas stands his military personnels in the centre of two mountains with a strong line of soldiers near together for support. With the soldiers in perfect Phalanx order.

they could merely replace one another in an instant if a soldier in front died. Possibly a important ground for the usage of the Phalanx order in Spartans history and even in the film. is because back in these ages war was normally fought about helter-skelter. Never before has an ground forces seen this sort of developed order on the battleground which took them by surprise and gave Sparta a immense advantage.Although the Phalanx and the unsmooth terrain were similar in comparing to the film and existent Sparta history. that can non be needfully said the same about the arms used. In ancient history. the Spartans arms have consisted of a big unmanageable lance called a Dory.

This was typically aimed out over their big eight-foot hoplite shield. called an Aspis. This was followed by a thorax home base and a solid helmet.

Even though the Aspis and the lance were displayed right within the film. a major difference distinguished with the wielded blade.Within the film is a excess of blades either called the Spatha or the Kopis. These were typically larger and had a more unsafe visual aspect to them than the original Lakonian blade. This blade that was really used in existent Spartan history combat looked about like a sticker.

” The ground the Spartans shortened their blade was merely that. It was easier to utilize in tight confines of the Phalanx and the imperativeness of men” . ( Spartan Military ) But this makes sense due to the combat schemes used by them.Not merely was the arms somewhat off in the film. but besides the usage of them is depicted false. When the little Lakonian blade was used.

it would hold merely been used to knife when an enemy went for a cut. In 300. there are several scenes demoing Spartans cut downing and choping Iranis which is wrong.

All in all. the film 300 is a slightly topographic point on film with how existent Spartan military forces used arms and conflict schemes. Even with a twosome obvious differences. one could reason their similarities.


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