Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary 3.1: After that Urdu format of all

3.1: After that Urdu format of all

3.1: Research Plan:

study was conducted in three phases.

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first phase the translation of three scales from English to Urdu was carried
out. Then the psychometric properties of these translated versions of scales were
measured. Second phase is consist of pilot study and in the third phase main
study was conducted.

3.2. Phase 1:

3.2.1. Translation of Scale

scales were translated in phase I

Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10), brief COPE and The Ryff Scales of
Psychological Well-Being were used in the present study. These scales were
originally in English language. For getting the best results it was necessary
to translate these scales in Urdu. Scales were translated by using standard
back translation method. This process was done in following steps.

English to Urdu translation:

        Scales were translated in Urdu by the
experts having command on Urdu, English, and psychological terms. Word to word
translation was not required. Three members who were M.phil Scholars from
different institutes have translated the scales. The main concern during
translation of scales was cultural differences.


Translation back in English:

        After getting the scales translated in
Urdu, the other experts translated the Urdu scales back in to English.

Matching of translated and original

translation was matched to the original one. After that Urdu format of all
scales were designed and subjected to statistical analysis to measure the
reliability of scales.

Psychometric properties of
translated scales

translation the psychometric properties of scales were examined by researchers.


    Sample for the translation stage was
comprised of N (50 students). Sample was collected from Lahore region.
Demographic information of sample include age (17-28), gender; fsc marks,
economical status and family system were added.


was approached and briefed for the purpose of the study. Participants were
informed about the purpose and importance of the study. They were informed that
their information may be kept in confidence. Meanwhile if they feel
uncomfortable during the filling of questionnaire they can leave at any place. After
obtaining the data from the participants it was analyzed through SPSS 16.



total correlation of Kessler psychological distress scale, COPE scale and rhyff
scale for psychological well being.

scale correlation of the subscales of COPE scale.  


















Total Correlation Of Ryff Scale of Psychological Well Being. (N=50)

no.         r                 Item no.                  r                 item no.                  r

1                 .39                 15                       .37                  29                       .23  

2                 .53                16                       .27                   30                       .42

3                 .43                 17                       .29                  31                       .36

4                 .38                18                       .13                   32                       .45

5                 .13                 19                       .36                  33                       .29

6                .28                  20                        .19                 34                       .25                  

7                .42 
                21                        .45  
              35                       .31

8                .39 
                22                      .64  
                36                       .17

9                .40                 23                      .19   
                37                       .25

10               .42                24                      .39                   38                        .44

11               .33                 25                      .26                   39                       .24

12               .35                26                        .41                  40                       .54

13               .29                27                        .30 
                 41                      .34

14               .45                28                       .30 
                  42                      .33

**p<.01, *p< .05 Results of the table show that most of the items of ryff scale have high positive correlation with their total score on  p<.01 and p< .05. Table 2 Item Total Correlation of Kessler Scale for Psychological Distress (N=50). Item no.                          r                                          Item no.                      r   1                                  .49                                           6                                  .56 2                                  .62                                           7                                  .22 3                                  .73                                           8                                  .53 4                                  .54                                           9                                  .70 5                                  .76                                           10                                .72 **p<.01, *p< .05 Results of the table show that all the items of kesseler scale except no. 7 have high positive correlation with their total score on  p<.01 and p< .05.           Table 3 Item Total Correlation of COPE Scale for Psychological Distress (N=50).   Item no.                       r                                               Item no.                       r   1                                  .43                                           15                                .49 2                                  .18                                           16                                .08 3                                  .33                                           17                                .31 4                                  .03                                           18                                .39 5                                  .38                                           19                                .49 6                                  .33                                           20                                .18 7                                  .54                                           21                                .13 8                                  .25                                           22                                .48 9                                  .47                                           23                                .39 10                                .56                                           24                                .18 11                                -.11                                          25                                .30 12                                .27                                           26                                .37 13                                .25                                           27                                .35 14                                .34                                           28                                .17   **p<.01, *p< .05 Results of the table show that most of the items of COPE scale have high positive correlation with their total score on p<.01 and p< .05.                               Discussion The first phase of the study aimed to determine the item total correlation for all scales of present study that was translated by researcher. Item total correlation for sub scales of COPE scale was also computed. The results are discussed as under. Table 1 show the item total correlation of Ryff scale for psychological well being. The results indicate that this scale is consistent as most of the items have significant positive relationship with the total of this scale. Table 2 demonstrates the item total co relation for Kessler scale for psychological distress. It shows the significant positive correlation of all scale. Only item no.7 does not have positive correlation with the total score of scale. Table 3 has been showing item total correlation of Cope scale for coping strategies measurement. It has 28 items and most of the items are showing significant correlation. It has 14 subscales and all scales are significantly correlated.  All the findings indicate that there is a positive correlation of all subscales with their items, which means that all scales are internally consistent and will help to get reliable findings in the main study.           3.3. Phase II: Pilot study The phase II of this study was related to the pilot study. The pilot study was conducted to complete the following objectives. Method.