3.0       RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY3.1       SYSTEMANALYSIS AND DESIGN            Emphatically, the methods needed incollecting data with regard to the design of the design of the purposed systemare:(i)         Personal interview method(ii)        Examination of record and proceduremanual of the organization 3.1.

1    PERSONALINTERVIEW METHOD            During this method personal contactwas made with some knowledgeable and experienced people in the department inorder to give room for the collection of satisfactory data that would lead tothe successful design of the proposed system. 3.1.2    EXAMINATIONOF RECORDS AND PROCEDURE MANUAL            If existing procedure are alreadywell documented, a procedure manuals can provide a ready-made source ofinformation on the way procedure should be carried out. However, it isimportant to realize that the procedure details in the procedure manuals maynot accord with actually happens. The examination of current records and thetracing of a particular transaction from input to the production of requiredoutput can be a method by which the system analyses may be discovers howclosely the set procedures actually followed.3.

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2       DATACOLLECTION METHODSThe variousmethod of collecting data involves the following 3.2.1    INTERVIEWThe commonestmethod of investigation through the skill of interviewing are not readyacquired the interviewer needs to know how to gain the confidence of theinterviewee and ensures that the person feels that the information which isgiven will be of value in the design of the proposed system.Since thisinvolves the direct contact of the interviewer with the interviewee thequestion must be ambiguous in order to obtain the required information.Opinions are asvaluable as they will reveal the strength and weakness of the university.2.2.

2    QUESTIONNAIRE Questionnairesare useful when only a small amount of information is required form a largenumber of people. This process involves the printing of questions on therequired area of investigation. To provide accurate response questions need tobe unambiguous and precise. Questionnaire can be useful for gatheringstatistical information such as student’s name, course, matric number, contactno, department and so on. This help in marking easy to know the studentsbetter.

2.2.3    OBSERVATIONIt is most important to observe aproduce in action so that irregularities and exceptional procedure are notice:Observation should be carried out with care and staff under observation shouldbe made fully aware of the purpose to void suspicious on misinterpretation.  3.3       ANALYSIS OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM            Data is capture and delivered to theclerk for the proper entry into the system.

The clerk or secretary (user) isrequired to entry data into the appropriate field as specified by the designer. 3.4       INPUTREQUIREMENT            The keyboard is used a sthe inputdevice, The user of the proposed system is expected to fix data into theappropriate field name in accordance with the specification by the designer.

3.5       CONTROLSYSTEMInformationSystem controls minimize or eliminate errors before, during and afterprocessing so that the data entered and the information produced are completeand accurate control system also minimize the possibility of computer fraud.There are fourtypes of control:1.

         InputEntered: Data are check for accuracy when entered into the system.2.         Processing Controls: System analysisand programmers use a variety of techniques to validate that processing iscomplete and accurate.3.         Procedural Control: People orientedprocedures are build into the system form control purposes.

4.         Output Control: The accuracy of outputis verified before it is sent to the user. 3.6       FILESPECIFICATION            There are eight data base files usedin this system design, these are:-(i)         PAYMENT Dbf:- This handles the processof payment of the student(ii)        PROJECT Dbf:- This handles studentregistration for a particular course(iii)       PROJ1 Dbf:- This take care of theinformation about the parents of the student            and next of kin(iv)       PROJ3 Dbf:- It takes care of student nameand the information about the two            sponsor(v)        PROJ4 Dbf:- It takes care of studentpast academic records before the admission(vi)       PROJECT Dbf:- It handles the currentstudent academic records(vii)      PROJ1.Dbf:- It takes care of the studentgrading system(viii)     PROJ2.Dbf:- It handles the production of individualresult, the structure of the            filesare as follows undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined


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