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  2017   Marymount California University MBA Program   MCU-BUS 597 Course   Peter Talaat (R1409D389564)                                                       Under Supervision of Dr. Ursula Schinzel     Week 2 Assignment 1                                    Consulting in Communication Management                   Table of Content ·        Introduction.·        Interview a SalesManager.

·        Managerial Skills’Development and Solutions.·        Conclusion. ·        References.

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 ·        Appendix AInterview Questionnaire.                                      Week 2 Assignment 1: Consulting in Communication Management Introduction Management is the true nerve of all institutions andcompanies as they exploit the resources and capabilities to achieve the desiredgoals. Therefore, all managers, supervisors and employees must have a range ofmanagerial skills and are keen to develop them periodically. Following this assignment,we will present a set of these skills and ways to develop them. (Gregory Hamel,2017). Management seeks to maximize the use of resourcesavailable to an establishment, and try to save time and effort, and the cost ofcosts, and of course to invest in the workforce has a significant impact inthat it is the real capital of the institution, the importance of management isreflected in the fact that it is a key factor in achieving social progress andeconomic prosperity for many countries. It also contributes to raising thestandard of living for citizens.

It helps various companies and institutions toachieve success, achieve the desired goals and progress on others. It is worthnoting that the successful management is Which can pool all the forces andresources available to them, and then to employ them correctly contribute tosatisfy the wishes, and meet the needs of members of the community, and theDepartment is working to achieve a set of goals, including the success of theestablishment, and its continuation in the market, and increase profits. (Gregory Hamel,2017).

 Interview with a Sales Manager ·        What are the forms of communication you are using on daily basis?I’m using my emailto frequently to reply customers inquiries and sending promotions to encouragethem to use our company’s services, also, I’m using the WhatsApp and phonecalls to follow up on the offers I submitted to them.  ·        How fast are your replying the customer’s inquiries?It depends on thenature of the inquiry, for example, if it is related to the payment terms I canreply once I saw the email, if it is technical I should forward it to thetechnical department and wait for the feedback. ·        What doyou need from your point of view to enhance your business communicationsskills?I can summarize all what I need in thefollowing points:1-     During themeetings with different customers sometimes I miss to write down all theirrequirements.2-      I’m losing focus during long meetings.3-     Sometimesit took too long to get the required information from the technical department.4-     Need moreimprovement for the communication techniques among my sales team.

 Managerial Skills’ Development and Solutions Every manager Requires to have the following skills:  ·        ConceptualSkills. Such as the ability to comprehensively view the Organization as awhole, to link the parts of the topic to each other, etc. This skill isrequired in higher management.

·        Human Skills.In short, it means being able to deal with others and is equallyrequired at all levels of management.  ·        Technicalskills. Language and accounting skills, computer use is required more inthe lower administrative levels.  ·        AdministrationIs it art or science? (Art or science). Management of art because it has to be the manager to own personalability to Apply ideas, theories and management principles in a smart andrefined way that reflects experience, experience and practice. Theadministration is aware that we are studying universities, theories, principlesand administrative ideas, so that management is both an art and a science.

(BrettHarned, 2015). ·        Managementfields. There are several areas in which management is applied. It isapplied in the public sector, and in this case, it is called the publicadministration and is applied in the economic sector.

In this case, it iscalled business management. Thus, we note that the administration acquires thedomain name in which it is applied. If applied in the ministries and interestscalled a public administration, and if applied in economic activities calledbusiness management, and if applied in factories called industrial management… etc. (Brett Harned, 2015).  Conclusion The concept of management reviewed in this assignment, was showingthe use of human and non-human resources through managerial processes ofplanning, organizing, directing and controlling for the purpose of achievingthe company’s targets.

The management skills were discussed: intellectual,human and artistic, and discussing whether management is art or science, andthe fields of management.                   Appendix A Appendix A (InterviewQuestionnaire) This Questionnaire aims to know the local middlemanager opinion about work, which will be treated confidentially, a statisticalstudy of the results will be conducted to address the weaknesses and strengthsof the business communications means in the company and how it can helpemployees to achieve the company goals as well as their personal satisfaction. 1.

Please fill out the following information Name   Job Title   Department   Years of Service    1-      Overall, how satisfied are you with your company’s communications?a.       Very satisfiedb.       Satisfiedc.       Neutrald.       Upsete.       very upset 2-      Which better describes your communication experience within yourcompany?a.       Gives us only a limited amount of informationb.       Keep us enough informationc.

       Keep us fairly informedd.       It keeps us fully informede.       He does not tell us much about everything  3-      How do you feel about the information you receive?a.       I almost always believe it.b.       I usually believe it.c.       I can believe it about half an hour.

d.       I usually cannot believe it.e.       I almost never believe it.  4-     How welldo you feel you know the company?a.      I knowthat company is very well.b.      I knowquite a bit about the company.

c.      I know abit about the company.d.      I knowalmost nothing about the company.

e.      Knowingabout the company is not important to me.  5-     Comparedto its level a year ago, how do you assess your knowledge of the company, itsstrategies, and ongoing achievementsa.      Much moreknowledgeb.      Somewhatmore familiarc.      The samelevel of knowledged.

      Somewhatless familiare.      Much lessknowledge 6-     What isyour overall assessment of the company’s newsletter?a.      Excellentb.      very goodc.

      goodd.      NearlyPoore.      Poor 7-     How do youevaluate your manager’s communication skills?a.      Excellentb.      very goodc.

      goodd.      NearlyPoore.      Poor                                      References 1.       Alber, S.

M. (2010). A Toolkit for Action Research. Lanham, US:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.2.       Jonathan Wilson (2014) The essentials of research methods.

Sage. 3.       Gregory Hamel. (2017). The Importance of Communication inConsulting.

Retrieved December 15, 2017, from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-communication-consulting-37337.html  4.       Brett Harned. (DECEMBER 15, 2015). Why Communication is Importantin Project Management? Retrieved December 15, 2017, from https://www.teamgantt.com/blog/why-communication-is-important-in-project-management/    


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