1999 DBQ: Colonial Pre-Revolutionary Unity Essay Sample

On the Eve of the revolution.

Americans were non wholly united. As ever. there were the dissidents. in this instance the Tories. and many people merely didn’t want to acquire involved. Even so.

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there were obviously adequate people that the Americans could win the war ( with the aid of the Gallic. of class ) . Before the war. practical people like Ben Franklin saw that the American people needed to come together as one in order to prevail over the evil British Empire.Ben Franklin’s drawing of the serpent chopped into pieces reasonably adequately showed the state of affairs in the settlements around 1750 up to 1774 ( A ) .

By that clip. the American people were in confusion. so Ben Franklin and others tried to make something about it.

However. it didn’t work because people were wholly split approximately Britain. so they couldn’t come together. They subsequently sent the Olive Branch request to King George.

as a last opportunity sort of trade. However. he scoffed at the proposal and at the thought that the Americans would revolt. which may hold had to make with the fact that he had a blood disease that made him wholly mad at times. But people like Richard Henry Lee saw how united the settlers truly were. and tried to state people about it. “A really little corrupted Junto in New York excepted. all N.

America is now most steadfastly unite and as steadfastly resolved to support their autonomies ad inifinitum against every power on earth…” ( C ) .Throughout all of the clip. there were Tories. These were people who were loyal to the King and Britain. However. they had good ground. Almost 50 % of the Tories in the settlements were husbandmans.

These work forces had really small money and needed all of their kids at the farm. so none of them could contend at war. Besides.

they needed the British mercantile establishment for goods. otherwise they would hold no money. Money is what makes the universe go unit of ammunition. and if you don’t hold it.

serious jobs arise. like famishment. The Tories were non rather plenty of a job to halt the success of the revolution. but the Americans hated them anyhow.

Basically. the settlers tarred and feathered them. took belongings. and did everything up to ( and sometimes did ) straight killing them.As a affair of fact.

the Continental Congress. on July 6. 1775. sent a missive to King George saying that they did non mean to divide. but wished to stay English. However. they want their rights as Englishmen.

which they felt were denied to them. They merely raised an ground forces to protect them from being forced to populate as slaves ( E ) . When he waived off the Olive Branch request. that was about the terminal of the Americans’ forbearance. The uneasy peace that was between the settlements and Britain can be seen as a camel. Lexington and Concord was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

By this point. many of the settlements were united. When the British closed off Boston Harbor.

which was after the Tea Party. assistance poured in from the settlements. Connecticut sent nutrient. sheep and money.

Massachusetts sent nutrient and sheep. New Jersey sent money and nutrient. North Carolina sent nutrient and money. and South Carolina sent rice ( G ) . New York did non direct any. possibly because of the greater population of Tories. and New Hampshire did non direct anything. which may hold been a consequence of the fact that we had a difficult adequate clip to feed themselves.

and seeking to feed another settlement was impossible. It was the first major alleviation from Americans for Americans.Americans were non Gallic.

they were non English. they were non Dutch. and they were non Irish. They were Americans. Possibly a Gallic female parent and a Dutch male parent. but whatever the combination. the progeny was an American.

They lost most of the biass of the English. and got a whole set of new thoughts from the new state ( H ) . The most of import portion of the revolution was that at the terminal. they answered to no 1 except themselves.

They had no King to state them that they were acting improperly. They had. in the Declaration of Independence.

the responsibility to subvert a authorities if it became corrupt or was non traveling in a way that was deemed good for the state as a whole. This was unbelievable. and made apparent the birth of a new male monarch of authorities: for the people. by the people.The Americans had developed a much better sense of integrity in the old ages taking up to the Revolution. They saw themselves as Englishmen. and wanted to be treated as such. Armies were merely protection from bondage.

and the King was unreasonable. So. they merely genuinely recognized their individuality after the Revolution. when it was a whole new life.


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