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1984: Drumhead Essay, Research Paper1984: DrumheadNineteen eighty four is a narrative of future society, a society in which independentthought is a offense punishable by decease. This is besides a society who & # 8217 ; s leadersare self functioning and wear & # 8217 ; t put their ends for the common good by which all ofthe society will profit. The party doesn & # 8217 ; t need to warrant its selfish waysbecause it holds all of the power. The symbol of the party was Large Brother. Theidealism of blind trueness was embodied in this symbol. It was the Centre ofcontrol. The Party has set its docket of wholly commanding every individualhuman head by contracting down the complexness of human thought.

They will seekaccomplish this through the riddance of address to a signifier where worlds can nolonger think for themselves. These future citizens would non be able to perpetrateany offenses against the Party. There is no possible manner these worlds would eventhink & # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; ideas to get down with since they had no cognition of any offensefrom personal experience or history.The chief character of this book is Winston Smith.

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Even though he is portrayed asa condemnable, I believe that he is a victim of a system that is condemnable. Allthrough this book Winston & # 8217 ; s strong beliefs lead us to believe that he is ethicaland the Party is unfair but it is left up to the readers discretion to make up one’s mindwhether he is the condemnable or merely a victim of a totalitarian society. The firstcase of Winstons & # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; nature was when he bought an illegal diary,quill and bottle of ink to enter his ideas.

Although he had so called& # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; ideas before, the diary seemed to convey out the more darethoughts in him as to how to acquire free from the Party & # 8217 ; s reign. This all indirectlyled to his meeting with a adult female called Julia who shared his feelings and waseither really brave or really foolish because she was more unfastened so he about herfeelings. I believe that these and the other actions following his initial& # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; offense are justified and that Winston Smith is non a & # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; .

My first set of illustrations as to the defects in the Party authorities are how theypitted household members against each other, and how the true nature of the householdwas destroyed because of this. The commanding purposes of the Party werereflected in how kids were used to descry on their parents. The toys given tothe kids such as ear horns were used to listen in on the conversations oftheir parents. Through groups and activities that were provided, the kidswere really taught how to descry and were given justification for this act. Theywere given the rubric of & # 8220 ; Child Hero & # 8221 ; when they denounced their parents andreported them to the thought constabulary. The kids felt it was absolutelyacceptable to inform on their parents to the governments even though it meantpenalty for their female parents and male parents.

When Winston was in gaol he met aco-worker named Mr. Parsons who & # 8217 ; s child turned him in for stating & # 8221 ; down with largebrother & # 8221 ; in his slumber. Husbands and married womans were besides affected. They woulddescribe their partners or kids if they said anything improper, did anythingimproper, displayed a facial tick or any other abnormalcies.The Party took away the basic pleasances of their people, as another method ofcontrol. One illustration of this is how the nutrient was deliberately really bland andtasteless. There is an history in the book where Winston is in a populacecafeteria and yearningly remembers a better clip and how nutrient was enjoyableso. Another illustration od pleasance want is how they brought sex down to adegree where the general populace was repulsed by the idea via the anti-sex

& gt ; conference.

The public continued holding sex as it was the will of the Party thatpeople must reproduce. The debasement of sex besides kept the married andsingle alike brimming with energy for hatred hebdomad, war Marches and otherfascist public activities which the people had to go to. A specific illustration ofthe debasement of sex in Winston & # 8217 ; s life was the history he made in his diaryof his married woman & # 8217 ; s attitude towards sex and how she cringed at his touch. She calledsex & # 8220 ; our responsibility to the Party & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; doing a babe & # 8221 ; . Because of his married woman, he becameas repulsed at the thought of sex with her as she was with him. Winston recallsgoing physically ill at the reference of it. Winston wasn & # 8217 ; t satisfied with theposition quo sing sex.

It finally led to their divorce.It is of import to advert that there were two categories of people, Party citizensand Proles. What regulations apply to the Party citizens did non needfully use tothe lower category Proles. They authorities did non care about the Proletarians who werenon of import to them.

Although Proles were allowed to imbibe any intoxicant andgamble, this was non acceptable for Party citizens. This was portion of the denialof pleasance.In order for the people to believe the Party & # 8217 ; s perversions of the truth, theParty had to do their fiction world. The Party slaughtered people, burnedbooks, shredded and altered paperss in order to command information.

WinstonSmith & # 8217 ; s occupation was to change old authorities paperss, birth certifications and manyother things. Winston was a willing portion of this misrepresentation until his realisationthat what he was making was immoral. His disturbing scruples drove him to enterhis feelings in his illegal diary as portion of his personal rebellion.The ultimate misrepresentation that the Party perpetrated on the people was the war theParty staged against it & # 8217 ; s ain citizens utilizing a created scoundrel namedGoldstein.

( It & # 8217 ; s interesting that this Judaic name was given to a scoundrel inthis fresh written in 1947 by a Party modelled after Hitler & # 8217 ; s fascist Germany ) .To maintain it & # 8217 ; s economic system traveling Oceania had to be in a changeless province of war therefore theParty & # 8217 ; s creative activity of Goldstein. This character broadcasted & # 8220 ; condemnable & # 8221 ; ideasfor two proceedingss each twenty-four hours and enraged the citizens to the point that they liefwent to war. The Partys end was achieved.

This deliberate misrepresentation lead tosenseless agony and decease of legion Party citizens and Proles.At the terminal of this novel the reader is left with the determination of where the offenseprevarications. This determination is subjective. Democracy is a theoretical account of authorities which Ihold chosen to compare. It is the same manner of authorities which both the writerand myself have experienced and it is the one which serves its people the mostefficaciously.

If you believe in societal order at any disbursal as do fascists, soyou will hold to believe Winston Smith is a condemnable. If one takes a more humaneattack, you will hold to look at the Numberss of people that were hurt orkilled by this & # 8220 ; Party Government & # 8217 ; s & # 8221 ; actions.Worlds are a societal animate being and they need interaction and contact with otherworlds to boom. The unmanageable demand to belong to a group sometimes thrustspeople to compromise themselves.

A common illustration of this is a adolescents pickof music, dressing etc to belong to the group. A more utmost illustration arespiritual cult members such as David Koresh & # 8217 ; s Branch Dividians who evenvoluntarily excepted the order to kill themselves. People become willing toaccept the unacceptable until there scruples will no longer let it. This iswhat happened to Winston Smith. He was a merchandise of his humanity and it shouldnon be a offense to be a human.


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