1984 Essay Research Paper 1984 was written

1984 Essay, Research Paper1984 was written by George Orwell about a inexorable hereafter in which people are controlled by a party known as the brotherhood which is led by Big Brother. The background of the narrative is that atomic war has ravaged the Earth and three world powers have arisen out of the debris, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, all of which are at war with each other. The taking party in Oceania, where the narrative take topographic point, exerts and maintains its power through such techniques as the Spies, a young person group that encourages kids to describe grownups, including their parents, to the party functionaries. Another technique is the thought constabulary, who observe and spy on society and extinguish those who have ideas against the party.

The party engages in many activities that people would see blatantly incorrect. These include the changing of history with the aim of doing the party expression good. The worst thing about the party is that it makes up the things it has the people believe through its telecasts, which the full population tickers. The chief character is Winston, who works for the Ministry of Truth, which is an dry name since it makes up what the people are to believe. Winston has thoughts all the clip against the party but fortunately has ne’er been caught by the thought constabulary. He keeps on seeing some adult female and finally they meet and he finds out her name is Julia. She besides hates the party and they keep on meeting, even though it is against the policy of the party for two people to hold sexual dealingss. They break the regulation nevertheless and stop up holding sex outside the metropolis.

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They differ in their position of how best to oppose the party. He believes in a widespread rebellion while she beliEves in merely traveling against the party when it is safe. Finally, they come to follow a adult male named O Brien who is the leader of an resistance party to the brotherhood. He gives the twosome a book by a adult male named Goldstein that is against the brother goon. He reads the book but shortly after is arrested by the thought constabulary because there was a concealed camera inside his room. It turns out that O Brien was a thought constabulary that had tricked them.

Both he and Julia are taken off big cells with all the other people that have betrayed the party. Beforehand, they had pledged to ne’er bewray each other. He is tortured there and O Brien tried to rehabilitate him into believing in the true power and righteousness of the party. Finally he is half manner rehabilitated and dual thinks intending he accepts the brotherhood but still prides himself in the fact he hasn t betrayed Julia.

He yells he call one dark in his slumber and is so brought to the awful Room 101 where the worst anguishs take topographic point. Rats are strapped to people s faces and they scream as the rats eat their faces through the eyes. At this point, he eventually gives in and loves large brother. He is shortly after released from the gaol.Once out he sees Julia and they discuss how the both betrayed each other. He so hears a intelligence broadcast stating something he knows is false but he merely accepts it as the truth and he feels really fond of large brother.

This narrative shows the danger of a universe in which the authorities has excessively much control. The authorities in the novel controls all the people extinguishing their individualism and the kernel of everything that makes a human a human. Though the society is efficient, it means nil since the people can non bask anything.


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