1950 S Essay Research Paper 1950 sYouth culture

1950+S Essay, Research Paper1950 sYouth civilization in the 19 1950ss was a clip that opened up the universe to be integrated for Whites and inkinesss. In this paper the 1950ss are analyzed through the vesture, manners, autos, household life, and most significantly amusement. Talking to assorted members of my household I asked them if they could retrieve the manner that the young person dressed in the nineteen- 1950ss. The responses were all similar.

The popular adult male function wore tight white T- shirts which were described to me ( I hate this look ) as Guinea T s. These are white T- shirts in which the maker cut- off the arms. Besides regular white T- shirts were worn with one arm rolled up with a battalion of coffin nails. When I talked to a adult male in my vicinity, John Braggs, he explained to me that the modern manner of have oning your bloomerss low on your hips really began in the 1950ss. He said that they wore tight denims that were pulled down low at the waist with of class a tight white T- shirt tucked in.

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& # 8220 ; I don t know where Y all started wearen em so loose-fitting from, but I don Ts like it, & # 8221 ; he shouted in his southern speech pattern. The females were non every bit uncovering as the modern adult females are. Longer dresses and dressier shirts were their manner. The Beatnik! coevals was organizing out of Grenitch small town in Manhattan which the manner was more of a cheerless expression. They wore largely black or darker colourss. I watched a film called The Wanderers to seek to take a expression at how they dressed and the portraiture was what I merely described. The type of kids that the 1950ss brought out was a common inquiry I asked everyone I surveyed, and to state you the truth they were non all that much aid. There were the popular crowd who were Greaser types.

The Greaser male childs were the bad male childs, they spawned off of the rebellious biker pack called the Hell s Angel s. This group was a motorcycle pack who rebelled against the norm of society. Society tried to maintain the kids guiltless alternatively of allowing them have fun. The Greaser manner spawned off of this belief. I watched the film & # 8220 ; Grease & # 8221 ; to see how adolescent Greasers lived and where they hung out. Topographic points like the drive- in film theatre or the soda dad base. Another large manner was that of the surfboarders on the West seashore and in Hawaii.

The athletics became unfastened to the populace for the first clip in this decennary. Everyone had a surfboard, or should I state a wharf. These surfboards were about 10 pess tall and every bit midst as a drawer. They were made out of wood with a thin carbon monoxide! ating of fibreglass. The Waterss were packed and the footings to listen for were & # 8220 ; hang ten & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; hangin loose. & # 8221 ; There were besides the Beatniks.

In their down outfits and sunglasses they recited poesy and brought back more of a philosophical expression at things. They went and ran belowground music shops in which they could buy un filtered music. Music that society said rotted their encephalons. They used their mind instead than their physical visual aspect or coordination. These people served as a spring board for the flower peoples in the mid 1960ss.

I had a opportunity to see two autos from the 1950ss and was told about another. In my dads car organic structure store he had a DeSota. I took images on my computing machine camera and saved them to a disc for your viewing pleasance. The DeSota was all bargain and chrome. I even hurt my manus strike harding on the splashboard.

The maneuvering wheel was the size of a big pizza, and my pa told me that they ne’er even heard of power guidance at that point. The auto was stick displacement and the stick was where the turning signals are. There were besides merely three cogwheels to set your auto into. I opened up the goon and to my surprise it looked empty. The motor was a really unusual rectangular box, and at that place appeared to be nil else under the goon. The seats were bench, and everything interior was really posh. AM wireless was the lone option for any input every bit far as amusement is concerned.

The other auto I looked at was a redone Woody. This auto was wholly made out of wood. It looked about like a pathfind! er type of auto from the 1950ss. This car was used largely on the West seashore by the surfboarders who would strap on their really heavy longboards and jet down to the beach. I was told by the proprietor of the Woody that there are non many of these autos still around today because white ants like to eat off at the wood, and strip the whole auto. The other auto that my pa told me about was a Lark.

He said that my gramps used to have one and that it was non much different from DeSota every bit far as manner and stuff that were used. Comparing these autos to the modern twenty-four hours autos, I would hold to state that people likely spent a batch less money mending the visual aspect of their autos because they do non look like they dent excessively easy. They compare best to a modern twenty-four hours armored combat vehicle. The information that I gathered on household and school life Washingtons plentifulness.

For one thing kids had to acquire dressed up about every twenty-four hours in a shirt and tie to travel to school, particularly on Wednesdays. In the beginning of the school twenty-four hours the pledge of commitment was said, like today, and besides forenoon supplications. This is really difficult for person like me to see because I have experienced a type of hatred towards school supplication. There are presently eternal arguments to acquire school supplication reinstated in public high schools. After school, no affair what you were making, no affair how much merriment that you were holding, you better have been home in clip for dinner. The full household had to be place to eat dinner as a household. Dinner was the high spot of the twenty-four hours during the 1950ss. It could hold been life endangering for person to hold missed dinner.

Unlike modern twenty-four hours there were no existent supermarkets like “King Kullen, ” there were merely forte markets. There were nutrient markets, fish markets, and the!butcher. You could non acquire something like a cantaloup vine from the fish market, or runt from the meatman. My pa tried to explicate to me the manner of the furniture inside the mean place during the 1950ss, he said that there was an Art Decko manner. Kitchen were remembered to be really simple with a batch of Fe and plastic to their manner. Around my male parents poker tabular array ( they merely play for merriment ) , the work forces remember that they joined packs and used to acquire in rumblings like in the film & # 8220 ; The Outsiders. & # 8221 ; Supposedly all of the immature work forces joined packs.

There was besides a batch of bias, non merely between black and Whites, which there were, but besides between all of the nationalities. The people that I talked to, all Italian work forces, how they used to acquire into battles with the Irish work forces. Another thing that made this decennary so much different from the remainder was that in the 1950ss they did non hold to many existent frights. A family could go forth their front doors unlocked and non hold excessively much to! concern about. Young person in the 1950ss had many different agencies of amusement. Ice skating and Roller skating rinks were a common haunt for teens to garner and socialise. A manner that was lost, but picked up once more after the disco epoch into the 1880ss, nevertheless this has been lost once more to modern society. Another common haunt believe it or non were the Burger Joints with the waitresses on roller skates.

Apparently you would drive up in your auto and a roller- skating waitress would come up to your window and take your order. When your order was ready a tray was placed on the window of your auto with the points of your choice. This might be considered the first signifier of drive- thru. & # 8220 ; Drag rushing your souped up hot rods up and down the strip was one of the cool things to make, & # 8221 ; claims Tony Epifanio. Making box autos out of wood and roller wheels besides seemed to be a really popular avocation among the younger male childs. They had things like skates that slipped over your places, Bazooka bubble! gum for a penny, stone confect, and cocoa egg pick every bit good as early signifiers of amusing books. Black and white Television s were brought into merely about everyone s places, doing the wireless plans obsolete.

Many people believed that Television brainwashed your head. Shows like & # 8220 ; Leave it to Beaver & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Superman & # 8221 ; were common shows of amusement. On the large screen Rebels like Marlon Brando and James Dean were act uponing immature heads. Ed Sullivan was demoing the universe so many different endowments from all sociaties. This is an interesting small narrative that I have to state because I can non take recognition for this theory.

I was siting the train place one weekend and I sat following to a lady who looked to be in her mid 1950ss. We started chew the fating and she came across as a really intelligent lady. Her name was Pat Lin and she was a dramatist in Washington and New York. When I started inquiring her a inquiries about the paper she gave me a flooring theory I would ne’er hold thought of.

Elvis started the Civil Rights motion was what it came down to. During the 1950ss inkinesss and Whites were in two different societies. All of a sudden a white adult male came along who sounded and danced like a black adult male. This adult male was Elvis, he turned the white community on to his music which at the clip sounded like music from the black society. The craze for the black civilization kept turning. Television shows like the & # 8220 ; Ed Sullivan Show & # 8221 ; and Dick Clarks & # 8220 ; American Bandstand & # 8221 ; began demoing an incorporate manner of telecasting. This I! s where people started seeing a job, black civilization was for the first clip of all time being shown to white households.

Black people were get downing to be shown as equal members within the white society. When this paper was started I did non believe that the 1950ss was a decennary of any existent importance. It is being forgotten as the coevalss get older. Learning about the decennary where rebellion took over the society was one of the best things I could hold done to heighten my head.


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