Quba and excellence have come

Over the years, Quba and excellence have come to be known as an intrinsically linked concept.

Showcasing from a complete and diverse portfolio of architectural hardware, every product that originates in Quba, carries the essence and ethos of decades of passion and persistence. Exquisitely crafted by skilled artisans and perfected to the finest detail, Quba’s dazzling range of glass fittings enhance the style, utility and comfort of every living space. The Quban fusion of innovative design with superior quality makes it an indisputable first choice for all.  Quba regards customers as our extended family. Quba is always willing to go the extra mile to maintain open and honest relationships. With the intent to outshine our own selves, we work harder, all the time, everytime. An unwavering dedication towards simplicity, a far fetched vision and an eye for details helps the brand envision innovations of the highest level and commit to provide security, durability and beauty that lasts.

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