1. It has been said that `the ends always justify the means, ` implying that a positive result in a given situation be achieved at any cost. Drawing upon your knowledge of historical and contemporary events, your analysis of literary works you have read, and the experiences of your own life, please support or reject this statement.I choose to argue that when a positive goal is achieved through negative means; the act inherently is negative and thus is not ethically justifiable. A classic example is Robinhood, he is lauded for his thievery for he gives the stolen items to the poor, but when you think of it, stealing is morally wrong and goes against our values of honesty and respect for others which are greater things that we should uphold and protect whereas being poor is not an excuse for stealing. When one assumes that the end justify the means, then euthanasia is justified because we can rationalize that denying a person the chance to continue life is justifiable because it releases the person from his/her suffering, but simply put, you have chosen to end that person’s life.

Personally, I believe that in order to live life in the path of righteousness, we must be conscious of how we achieve our goals, if for example, I need to pass this subject, and in order to do so I need to perfect this project, but I have no way of being certain about that, so maybe I will resort to cheating to make sure that I pass, because in the end passing this subject would help me stay in school.But in reality, I did cheat and no matter how desperate I am or how good my goals are, I still cheated and that is not justifiable. Of course these are mundane issues and sometimes there are ethical considerations for actions such as exposing cancer patients to radiation because it cures the cancer cells while it destroys the good cells and in doing so it prolongs the patient’s life. This is a decision that can not be judged as justifiable or not for it is a matter of life and death, and human as we are we try to preserve life at all cost. But for things that we have control of and we have the free will to choose, then I strongly say “the end does not justify the means”.

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2. A Christian institution dedicated to the highest standards of academic excellence, presents students with a unique atmosphere in which students are encouraged to explore faith as well as scholarship. Respond to this statement `Truth has nothing to fear from investigation.

` In terms of your own spiritual commitment, describing the ways in which you might use faith and investigate truth during your time in college.I strongly believe that God exists and that every experience or event in our life has a purpose that we need to discover and profess to. For me, the phrase “truth has nothing to fear from investigation” means that we seek truth in our discipline and in our lives with the passion of a critical mind. We are trained to be curious, to develop ideas, to be analytical and to discover the truths behind our fields, but in doing so we must not lose sight of how our faith influences us. For example, I choose to study religious beliefs of certain individuals, and it is expected that in the course of my investigation I may discover certain truths that goes against what I believe in, but instead of hindering me from my investigation, I can use my faith to guide me in what to do with the truths I will discover and to use it more positively and to find God’s purpose in what I have found.

My faith also teaches me to uphold the truths of life and righteousness, to be ethically and morally upright at all times, hence when I seek to investigate truths, I will do so within this framework, to be honest in my work, to uphold the ethical standards of my discipline and to constantly strive to do the right thing.3. Many people apply to colleges for many different reasons. Why would you choose to go to a particular college?A college education is a step towards a brighter future, the usual reasons for choosing a particular college would be its academic performance, the quality of its services and facilities, the cost and the chances for employment after college.

For me, the decision to join a particular college rests on its academic training and the holistic experiences that it offers its students. I want to go to college because I need to be trained in a the particular field that I want to pursue as a profession, but academic training is not enough, I want a school that would give me the opportunity to discover myself, to help me become a better person and to teach and develop in me life skills that I would not learn in the four corners of the classroom. I also want to be in a school where I can grow spiritually, where we are given the chance to connect with God, to build a relationship with God and where I will not be persecuted because of my faith. Similarly, I would also want a school that would respect different faiths and provide a venue for students to celebrate their faith. I do believe that knowledge without faith is dangerous and that we need something of both.4. Name and describe the creative work (book, film, work of art, etc.) that has most influenced you and explain its influence.

I would say that the film The Passion of the Christ has greatly influenced my life and how I perceive my relationship with other people and with God. The most significant thing in this film is that it portrayed how Christ as any man like us have felt fear, anger, and resentment and ultimately suffered and accepted his fate or purpose in this life. I think that we always try to find meaning in our lives, in our relationships, in our everyday existence and even in our work. Sometimes, God leads us into something that we are not comfortable with and something that we do not like, but if we want to live life in God’s service then we must accept it and live it. It is but natural to feel fear at something new to us, to be angry at God for allowing us to experience difficulties, to feel resentful that God has not favored us with the easy tasks, and that we just resolve to suffer each day of our lives and accept our fates. But in truth, it is in being burned that gold is polished just as we become greater than ourselves if we surrender our lives to God and let Him use as instruments of His peace and love.

Thus now, I do not question God why I have to endure so many trials, instead I ask Him to give me strength and wisdom to get through it and I try to live my life in God’s example, I strive to live my life without hurting other people, to be always honest, kind, and compassionate.


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