1. will be cached regularly into systems

1.      Executive Summary: DNJ is an internationalcompany which is planning a start-up firm in Chicago using Science-softbusiness model. They are also planning to expand the business in San Jose,California in few months.

It’s a very prestigious and ambitious project theyare looking forward and they have given enough luxury on the budget.  Agenda: Thefollowing table describes the agenda for the workshop, including approximateduration and who should be involved in each portion.    Topic Description Approx. Duration Participants  Demo Provide a demo of the current application if there are those who haven’t yet seen it.

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15 min Project team and stakeholders Understand business drivers and use case The goal of this task is to get the entire project team aligned on the goals of the product implementation.  Who will be using the system, what do they want to accomplish, and what value will be derived. 30 min Project team and business stakeholders User description Describe the different types of users, how they will use the application, and the general types of questions they will be asking.

30 min Project team and business stakeholders Identify launch milestone. Set a date and event for the initial launch of the project. Ideally close to the completion of the implementation. 30 min Project team and business stakeholders Define solution architecture Define the various components in the architecture:  data sources, network storage, user source, security considerations, etc.  30 min Project team including customer project members:  database, network, and security Define data flow(s) Define how data will be cached regularly into systems data base.

  This includes source types and approx. size of data to be cached. 1 hour Project team including DB, ETL and BI teams Define security approach Define has authentication and access control will be implemented. 30 min Project team and business stakeholders who can define security requirements Review confirmation questions Review the questions that will guide development: question, source of data (to the table level), and how the answers will be validated. 1 hour Project team and business stakeholders Discuss project wrap-up process Review the process of the project wrap-up and the continued resources for further implementation.

30 minutes Project team and business stakeholders.


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