1. the effects and possibly solutions to


IntroductionThesedays, teenage pregnancy is a social problem and an important public healthproblem in Vietnam. According to Vietnammaternal and child health care apartment, the percentage of teenagers who havegot pregnant has increased over the period: in2011: 3,1%; in 2012: 3,2% (Mai,2014). Moreover, it leads to many serious results including abortion.

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In2011, abortion rates in teen mothers was quite high, at 2,4% in total pregnantwomen then this figure declined to 2,3% in 2012 (Mai, 2014). Teenage pregnancy results from numerous risk factors and alsobrings a variety of effects including physical and mental ones (Kirby,Lepore & Ryan, 2005). However, a majority of teenagers as well as their parents aretotally not aware of this dangerous phenomenon. Therefore, this paper, based onsecondary data, will provide information on the risk factors, the effects andpossibly solutions to teenage pregnancy in Vietnam.2. Discussion of findings2.

1. What are the risk factors of teenage pregnancy?2.2.

What are the effects of teenage pregnancy?Teenage pregnancy canbring many serious problems to teen mothers. When women give birth in theirteen years, they are at risk of giving birth prematurely (Beirne, 2017). Teenagers,especially those under 15 years old are vulnerable to anemia, also called lowblood iron. Anemia can make the mothers feel tired or cause some complications(The OB/GYN team, 2016).

During pregnant period and laboring, complications isthe second most popular cause of death in teenagers 15-19 years old (Socolov etal., n?m). Moreover, teen mothers are lesslikely to finish their study in high schools, universities or colleges. It ispossibly that they will have to deal with financial problems or even domesticviolence. Therefore, they are easily suffer from stress, depression which isharmful to their health and their babies.

Another effect ofteenage pregnancy is related to the babies. A preemie, who is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy will miss out on an important growth takingplace in the final weeks of pregnancy. As a result, the babies may beunderweight. Those underweight babies are likely to suffer from severalproblems that can affect their brain and their organs (Beirne, 2017). Besides,the babies who were born to these teenage mothers also experience 2.5times higher risk of losingtheir lives than those born to women aged between 20 and 24 (Socolov et al., n?m).


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