1. stress levels and increasing the life


 Add more greensIt is high time to start adding more greens to our diet. Greens are highly alkaline, nutritious, loaded with fibre and minerals.Chlorophyll, the pigment that is found is all greens plays a crucial role in the haemoglobin levels of the blood, soaks the toxins from the blood, helps in improving immunity and beneficial in gastric disorders.2.

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 Be positive and Think positiveThe way we think and the way we respond greatly influences our health, metabolism, digestion and various other functions. It makes a big difference when we start being positive and thinking positive.3. Charge up with SleepAdequate sleep is very crucial to an optimum healthy life. It is recommended to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day to reap the benefits of sleep. Sleep also helps in improving memory; losing fat, rebuilding the muscles, healing, lowering stress levels and increasing the life span.4.

 Do something good for someone anonymouslyIn these days of high modernisation and employment, there are still people that struggle to make ends meet. Be it to an orphan or to the sick geriatric couple, when you give anonymously to someone and make a positive impact on somebody else’s life, it brings about a butterfly effect of compassion and giving. It also paves way for self realisation, mental clarity and happiness.5. Eliminate StressStress is a response of an individual to a perceived threat. Many times in our lives, the person or situation that we perceive to be a threat might not always be the case.

Internalising stress over a long period of time gives rise to chronic health disorders. So, it is really important to release stress in some way or the other rather than holding on to it. Stress can be managed and released through simple techniques like pranayama or breathing exercises, yoga or gentle exercise.

6. Food DiaryMaintaining a food diary helps a lot in making a conscious note of not just what we have eaten but also helps in planning ahead. Planning ahead and preparation are the keys to healthy cooking and noting down everything in the food diary helps a lot in organising, shopping for ingredients, planning and cooking. 7. Grow your own herbs and vegetablesGrowing our own herbs and vegetables in the kitchen garden gives a greater sense of satisfaction. The kitchen scraps can be used as natural compost for the garden. There are many ideas online that give us step by step ideas to grow many herbs in one pot to tea cup gardening.8.

 HydrateDrinking adequate water is essential for maintaining good health, speeding up fat loss, improving metabolism and normalising the hormonal functions. Infused waters can also be consumed by adding lemon, mint, cucumber, ginger or a combination of them all which makes the water more alkaline and nourishing to the body.9. Include a media detox dayIn these days of high media dependency, scientific evidence suggests that there is also a change in the psychological behaviours of individuals where everyone expects instant gratification.

Endless self-promotion on social media by many individuals leads to a constant feeling of pressure where everyone tries to vie for social approval through pictures and posts on the social media. This leads to a blurred reality. It makes a great change when one disconnects from the online lives to live in the reality and face real circumstances and people. Making deep and true connections is possible offline than online. It is good to take a day off from the technology and social media for at least a day in a month or an hour every day to truly experience life.10.

 Join YogaYoga is one of the best physical activities irrespective of the age or gender of the individual. Join a yoga class or group and start doing yoga to experience the benefits of increased flexibility, mental relaxation, hormonal balance, increased concentration and toned muscles.


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