1) organizations that I have worked at

1) How have organizations that you have worked for promoted safety and health in the workplace? What would you change about the programs and policies that you discussed? Please be specific when discussing legal requirements or other mandatory requirements.

I work two jobs and organizations that I have worked at that promoted safety and health and one would be having a tobacco free work place. I work at a golf course and golfers can smoke on the golf course but at the club house they are not allowed to. Surprisingly at my other job, which is a bar and grill, workers are allowed to smoke in the back room office. It is nowhere near the food or drinks are but I am not a fan of it. I personally do not smoke and never will so I hate going back there when I have to because it smells awful and I would prefer not the breathe that in. Both of my jobs post signs around the work place to enforce safety issues, and they encourage employees to feel safe and report things they see that are unsafe. Working my jobs I am around a lot of intoxicated people and they can say inappropriate things and try to touch you inappropriately. You should always report those issues to your boss because they are there to help.

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Both of my jobs enforce that very strictly, they want everyone to feel safe. The policies I would change in the workplace would be smoking in the back room of the bar and grill. I understand a lot of people smoke, but a lot of people do not smoke too, and I think they should go outside and smoke instead of making the people who do not smoke go back there and have to smell that.2) Imagine that you are an organizational consultant and a business asks you how to motivate employees to promote safety and health in the workplace.

How would you answer this question? Ensure that you consider costs and administration issues when answering. Also, please be specific when discussing legal requirements and other mandatory requirements.If I was an organizational consultant and a business asked how I would motivate employees to promote healthy lifestyle I would start a weight loss group. Having a goal of losing weight in the work force could be a fun and healthy competition for the workers. I would offer prizes for the people who lost the most healthy amount weight.

The prizes could consist of gift cards to target, best buy, scheels, and other companies. I would add vending machines with more healthy choices. As a organizational consultant I would promote safety in the work place could be forming a little group at work and having them bring issues they have seen around the work force and come up with reasons how to solve them. Another way to promote safety would be making sure everyone is throughly trained so no accidents can happen. Making sure everyone is trained can decrease accidents and promote more safety in the work place. More ways to promote safety in the work place would be having a health care plan that provides the workers to receive plenty of checkups and screenings for illnesses. Improving the health care system at work could help the administrative prices go down.



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