1 intelligence showed by machines, developed to

1 DefinitionArtificial intelligence (AI): it is intelligence showed by machines, developed to make humans lifeeasier and associate people in their usual activities, and it’s the developmentof computer systems to perform tasks and activities such as:  Speech recognition: which means recognizing voice by the computer and act by the required task. Learning: the ability to learn and keep implementing and keeping up with the technology. Decision making: The ability to take the right decision based on the data that is entered and acts by the several alternatives.

Problem solving: efficiency in giving the best alternatives for solving the problem. Translation:  considered by natural language and translate it to a meaningful subject. The most important of thesecharacteristics is the ability to learn, draw conclusions and react; thereaction of the machines that has artificial intelligence must be verycalculated, because a small fault can make huge danger on human lives. 1.

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2 Advantages and disadvantagesof (AI)Disadvantages:-High cost, the creation of artificial intelligence machines canbe very expensive, and the cost of maintenance and repairing parts, thesemachines also need software updates frequently.-Unemployment: smart machines can take the place of human jobs,and if not reliance on these robots will make people lazier.  Advantages:-It can make people lives easierin various ways.  -Removing the emotional barrier,in this way nothing will affect the performance.-more efficiency and accuracy ingoal achieving.  2.1 Artificialintelligence in the car of the future:            Driverlesscars, it is one of many uses of artificial intelligence, driverless cars takethe most attention, large companies like Google, Mercedes and Tesla areinvesting millions of dollars to develop this technology.

 2.2 Mainsupporters of Artificial Intelligence:1-Context: It meansmeaningful information that is applied to the computer in order to calculatethe situation, in the beginning it cannot have complete information, someinformation has to be added based on the environment and specifications.Thistechnology makes it easier to interact with the different circumstances thedriver meets in the road from traffic jams to weather conditions, the idea isthat the car must have a sensor that reads the environment and act based on it,from crash avoidance to even reading the number of passengers in the car, somainly the car is thinking instead of a driver, it also try to find the easiestand cheapest way to choose the rout or parking lot, last research shows thatsouth Korean drivers wander 500 meters to find car spot which consider time andgas consuming.    2-Personalization:Every drive has his own style todrive from changing the seat in comfortable way, mirrors location and evencertain type of music, this technology can identify the driver and change theseoptions to meet his/her style.This technology can make thejourney safer, because the driver will be more focused on the road thanchanging or adjusting these options.This operation starts byspecifying your criteria, it will take every request and save them, which youcan modify these specifications easily and the car will remember your choicesand use them the next time you’re searching for them, all these features can beapply only by talking to it, so basically the car acts based on your mood. 3-Knowledge:Which means having the rightinformation to act based on the situation, for example every car has a writtenmanual to get the information from but most people don’t read it or find itdifficult to read, well, with this technology the car can have the perfectknowledge to give the information the driver needs, the driver can just ask forit and the right information will be in the hand of the driver.

For example,the driver can ask about a warning light from the driver’s tableau and get theright diagnosis. It can alsohave smart travel guidance, which is easy to use whiledriving and not ask people for the right destination, the driver can easily askfor his/her current location and get the destination the driver wants. 2.

3Benefits and risks of Intelligence carsBenefits of intelligence cars:the most feature they had spread widely about intelligence cars is theself-driving, self-driving have 5 top benefits: 1.      Improvesafety: is one of most important reason why could any individual refers to buyan auto car, because people get distracted easily, currently around 94% ofaccidents are caused by human distractions, self-driving reduced accidents to70% and the reason behind this that computers are not run by emotions and cannotbe distracted by anything.  2.       More time to do what you want, now we live ina fast life, sometimes we wanted to do something but find no time, imaginehaving the luxury of reading your favorite book, watching favorite morning showor taking nap. 3.      Costeffective: for sure when there is something now enters the market it will behigh priced put as more companies comes to the table the price willautomatically go down, and the great effect is that will effect directly theprice of taxi’s, so both types of people will be satisfied. 4.

      Predictivedriving: auto cars were programmed with an ability to communicate with othercars and collect information while on the road, plus the ability to expect orpredict accidents, which will lead to have less accidents, many cars now haveauto breaks. 5.      Greatfor disabled people: we can notice how many modern designs changed the world ofdisable people, it will make disabled people independent auto cars will letthem safely drives to where ever they need to go.  Risksof artificial intelligence is:1.      Badlyprogrammed: in all situations it takes the same action weather its dangerous ornot.2.      Trainedin a badly way.

3.      Theyfailed to find a standard for the inner systems work for all cases. 3.1Conclusion Through these huge capabilitiesof Artificial intelligence improvements, we can see a new way of car drivingthat can act like human drivers and sense like human beings.Regardless of the risks of thistechnology it will help people in their daily activities and sometimes savepeople’s lives Which can soon be available to everyone “The best way to predictyour future is to create it” (Abraham Lincoln).


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