1. for your loved ones? These worries

1. Moving to Bhopal?When you are relocating, many thoughts hit you at once. Such as, How will you settle in? How to minimise hassles during relocation? How to make easy shift for your loved ones? These worries are genuine. As you read further, the links mentioned below will help you to sort your worries.    2.

Bhopal Key Facts (side bar)Area: 285.9 kmElevation: 527mLatest WeatherPopulation: 2,254,000Top SightsMain Language: Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati and PunjabiHelplinesEmergency numbers3. OverviewBhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

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This city is well known for its beauty. The city has two sections ie old city and new city. The old city of Bhopal is around the shores of two artificial lakes.It has vibrant marketplaces, magnificent mosques and palaces.The new city has parks and gardens, broad avenues and streamlined modern buildings The city is famous for UNESCO World heritage site named Bhimbetka – the rock shelters.

This site has the evidence of stone age rock paintings. 4. ClimateBhopal climate experiences cool, dry winters, a hot summer and humid monsoon seasons.

Summers starts from late March and go on until mid-June. During these days temperature sometimes soars to 40°C.The Monsoons begins in late June and ends in late September. The average temperature during these days is around 25°C and the humidity is quite high.

The winters in Bhopal are cool with an average temperature around 16°C. The winter temperature peaks in January, when it may drop close to freezing at nights.5. HistoryThe king named ‘Bhoja’ of Parmara dynasty founded ‘Bhopal’. The name of the city coined as ‘Bhojpal’. It was after the name of the king and ‘pal’ means dam. In the 19th century, the kingdom was under the enlightened rule of Begums.

Dost Mohammed, Emperor Aurangazeb’s Afgan governor built up the existing Bhopal city.6. Moving into the cityHow do you move into the city? Through-plane here is the list. Raja Bhoj airport has two section for domestic and international flight.

The airport has latest facilities. Its seating capacity is good for 750 people.   If you want to explore the way by bus then here are the options. Train network in Bhopal is well connected to major cities of India. Check out on MakeMyTrip regarding the availability of trains to Bhopal. 7. Moving around the cityFamiliarise with the city on Bhopal wiki voyage.

This will help you to move smoothly around it.Buses, tempos, three-wheeled autos, minibuses are the means provided by the public sector.The safest option is to hire a cab. Hiring an OLA cab for moving around is the most convenient means of transport in the city. 8.The woes of BhopalBhopal has suffered an environmental impact in 1984. The mishap had both immediate and long-term impact. The residents are still overcoming the negative impacts of a gas leak.

The fight for justice is still on, along with the fight with effects of the tragedy.9. Shopping in BhopalIt would be very convenient if to hit the right places with your shopping bags, won’t you agree? Yatra.com has reviewed some of the places where you can shop till drop.10.

Buying furnitureSettling in a new city? You definitely want to hit shops for furniture.These days online stores have made all shopping easy. However, if you prefer going offline then check out these places.

Looking for a second-hand furniture? At QuickrBazaar you can get options at an affordable range.11. Selling old stuffIt would be convenient to sell old and buy new stuff. It is pocket-friendly. Check out these sites to get rid of unwanted things. Make the most efficient use of your space and money.12. Getting things doneFixing the utility services at a new city is a heck of a task.

What if you can meet all your need through single click? It sounds great.  Just Dial is an allrounder for meeting all of your utility needs.13. Eateries.Top, Affordable, and by cuisine, in BhopalBrowse Bhopal by food with the help of TripAdvisor. Check out this 10 places for good food in Bhopal.For the street foodie in you, these are the must-visit places.

14. What to do in BhopalLooking out for weekend gateways near Bhopal? Click here. There are various types of attraction for you to admire in Bhopal. Explore, natures and park, museums, funs and games, concerts etc for a change from the regular life.  15. Education. Playschool to pre-universitySeeking school for your toddler? Visit here. Looking for schools for your older children? Check out here.

These are the top colleges in Bhopal where you must apply.  16. Networking opportunities in BhopalWant to relieve your boredom? Meeting new people can help you. Here are the meetups which can help you to revive your life.Top Movers and packers in BhopalGLOVVE’s list of recommended movers in Bhopal. Choose from specially graded Move Agent Partners of GLOVVE with their profiles, the number of relocations handled, their expertise and of course customer reviews. Happy moving to Bhopal.


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