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   Introduction What Is Technology? Technology is the unlimited source ofvast knowledge and with proper skills used in accomplishment of our variousneeds and information. We use technology to accomplish various tasks in ourdaily lives, in brief; we can describe technology as products, processes ororganizations.  Theuse of technology is today’s era is like a basic needs. In order to accomplishour task and collect information we use technology. It is used in almost everyworkplaces.

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It has its own pros and cons but we cannot deny the dependence totechnology. We all are very dependant to technology because it simplifies ourjob like: Paying bills, Ordering lunch by sitting in our work desk or researchworks and advertisement. It is just few clicks away to accomplish these tasks.But in the same way the dependency has placed great harms such as by spreadingfalse information or creating unemployment.

These are the matter we discuss asthe proceed on the assignment. 2.   History  Technology has been evolving and likewise theworkplaces, Business, Education sector are being updated and adapting to thenew changes. If we date the history the we can go as far back to the periodwhere the the people started to trade goods to other as they obviously had somemethod of keeping the creditors and debtors.

 The major dated change in technology that we can find in the businessworld is the invention of telegraphy in 1850s. The change in the handwrittendocument to typed document was a great leap in that era. The telephones, faxmachine and more recent development have offered us a new and different styleand beginning of new efficient way of takeover the technologies. The computerswere big enough to fit a 20 by 20 feet hall and only a rich and well earnedcompanies could afford. Time changed and so did the technology and now we canfind a computers and laptops in our workplaces.     3.   Present Context  More than one-in-three Americanworkers today are Millennials, according to the Pew Research Center.

And theyare a generation of digital natives. They’ve grown up with broadband,smartphones, laptops and social media being the norm. What’s more, they expectinstant access to information, as well as instant feedback (because after all,they’ve become accustomed to such feedback from years of using Facebook andother social networks.

) According to a study of Millennialsfrom 75 countries entitled “Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace,” commissionedby PwC, this generation has specific expectations about technology in theworkplace. They expect it to be a catalyst for innovation, as well as a majoravenue of communication on the job. In fact:?      59% of those surveyed said an employer’s provision ofstate-of-the art technology was important to them when considering a job?      78% said access to the technology they like to use makesthem more effective at work?      41% of those questioned said they would rathercommunicate electronically than face-to-face or over the telephone ?      Someexamples of technologies in our workplaces:Internet:Internetis one of the greatest invention of the technology.

Now all the works in theworkplaces are done by the help of internet. Organizing meetings, jobinterview, bill payments are just a few scratch of the pile of what is leftunderneath. Researching and advertisement and survey can be conducted overinternet which saves not only great deal of time but manpower too.Emails:Emailsare the technology that are used in each and every workplaces. Sending mailsand receiving mails can be done in a few minutes. It has minimed a great lot oftime instead of using letters and postcards. This kind of technology not onlyhelps business works but customers as well(emailing feedbacks). So, Emails arethe most wonderful information in the workplaces.

 Video Conferencing:Video conference has also helped a great deal inthe workplaces. Doing an meeting with other counterpart of the partner of thecompany from another country face to face has been common practice nowadays.Job interviews and other presentations are done over video conferencing whichsaves the time and cost of being present in the assigned place.     4.   Advantages  ?      Improvescommunication:The computers and internet helps to improve thecommunication. The letters in the past could only express in words whereas nowwith skype calls we can held a meeting face to face and express our emotionsalso.

The phone calls are also efficient as are the Emails which can be instantdelivered and takes only a few seconds to reach another part of the world. Thesour meetings could be again arranged by a few clicks which is far more easierthan in the past.?       Encourages Innovation and Creativity:The workers can invent new innovative ideas ordemonstrate a new way of doing a certain task altogether. It helps to bring thecreative side of the people. Technology helps the works to express and ifnecessary research on their area of interest.

Due to the use of technology itcreates competition and that competition will only help to present new way ofdoing things.?      Saves Time:We can use technology to save a lot of time. In theworkplaces we have various data and information to analyse and collect. So, itwill save a lot of time to collect the data, especially if the data iscollected in huge mass.  The technologycan be used to auto collect data if necessary with the help of software orposting questions instead of one-on-one collection.

The mail service(gmail,hotmail and others) can save time instead of posting and sending letters willsave lot of days which is a lot and affect a business deals. So, technologywill help to save a lot of time. ?      Creates Mobility:Technology helps to create mobility as workers can workfrom different places and at the same time. We can take an example of Googledocs, many people can connect in one document and make plans instead of beingin a room.

There may be people from different cities or countries to make adeal but this internet and computers have helped to be lenient and mobileenough to control the jobs and business deals.   5.   Disadvantages ?       DistractionsTechnologycan be very distracting in the workplace.

In today’s cases with few clicks wecan excess to facebook, instagram and twitter. Reading newsfeeds and chattingwith your friends or texting your neighbours while working is very tempting andmany of the workers cannot resist. The smartphones that can fit in your handcan access the world. The temptation that it creates can be distracting even tothe professionals. So technology can be quite a distraction too.   ?       CostsThesetechnology might be fancy but they can be very expensive. Small firms cannotsurvive the cost of these technology, hence leads to extinction.

The higher thepower the higher the cost. The cost of high performing laptops exceeds 1000$and to provide such technology with necessary equipments and to all staffs willexceeds the expected budget of any business enterprises.  ?       Support and Security IssuesThere arealways problems of insecurities while using technology. There are manyconfidential data where the company’s data and their agreement can be hacked bymany others software or professional hackers. There may be also some technicalproblems like: breakage in proper channel or wire, software malfunction.

Soleaning heavily on the technology can be also be put in compromising positionfor the workplaces.  ?       Customer Hesitation There areall customer who are willing to pay their bills online. There might be many ofthe costumer who enjoy to pay bill by sitting on their couch but there arestill a mass who are not willing to pay their bill online. This puts harm incustomer-business relationship. The technical problem created between thenetwork may cause dispute and harm the company’s goodwill. The costumer mayfeel insecure.

So we should not always think of the good aspect to customers asit has way of bad side as well.  ?      Affects  Workplace Relationships:The use oftelephones, Emails and social networking sites can reveal information thannecessary. The workers may reveal the information more than needed than it willbe viral all over the internet and easily accessible to public. The tweets cancreate a huge mess or even an image in facebook or instagram can bring down thefirm’s goodwill.?       Creates higherunemploymentDue to the changesin the technology many small firms are out if the market and many peopledeprived of their job. Just the Email facility or online payment has createddozens of firms to collapse and their employee to be jobless. Nowdays thetechnology are changing so fast that if you are not updated on the newtechnology then it might be yours day to be an unemployed.

    6.   Consideration Ourworld is changing and the era of technology is being established. From acellphone to high problem solving quartons all are the work of technology.

Technology is a need and necessity in today’s generations. The data collectionsto conference to the deals agreements can be done with the help of thetechnology. Technologyalso makes us more dependants to it and that is the negative effect thiswonderful inventions. Nowadays we can see that each and every workplaces hascomputers and internet connections, it can be used for both harm and for betterpurposes.

So, keeping the technology in place and using it efficiently and upto full capacity will help all the chains related to technology.   7.   Reference  ?      http://cs.stanford.edu?      https://www.modolabs.com?       https://www.useoftechnology.com


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