1.1 This makes them to unemployed because

1.1 Background of study    In this 21st century, people are focusing mainly on grades rather than skill. Many graduates are unemployed and have made the government of Malaysia worries. Grades always seem like a ‘pass’ to go through a well-paying job. In Malaysia, the education system are making changes to have more skill such as thinking out of the box rather than just based on books and apply in the exam. If everyone has certain skill and knowledge, this will makes them more productive in their work palace.    Based on the present knowledge, many researchers found that many people think that if there is ‘c’ or ‘d’ students always lose their hope in their life. This is because they think they are left behind and there is no way of improving themselves and always left behind.

But in real life, successful people are always weak at their studies because they always think that learning is a lifelong process that there are no end.     Lastly, education should focus more on the student’s gifts and talents. This enable them to have ways to express themselves and allows them have more space to experience many things in life. With skills and education in hand, it will help to make people successful because it is the best combination and not only based on one sided.

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This makes the employer has more choice of hiring human capital with good at knowledge as well as skills.1.2 Statement of problem In the millennial years, people are putting too much pressure on the grades rather than skill.

This makes them to unemployed because they are lack of skill. This makes them have the mind set of taking examination for grades rather than to gain knowledge. While this is what the examination students tend to focus on it and did not apply it in real-life situation. While if a student does not base on the book it can shape their character to become physically and mentally stronger.1.3 Purpose of study It is true that grades are important but larger scheme of life, grades does not matter all that much. Grades help to development of the scholar’s capability that is consequential.

Therefore, this research is to determine will education equip a person with skill and knowledge to perform their job well.1.4 Research Question 1) Does having certain level of education guarantee a person’s competence to their job?      2) Does having a good grades guarantee you a success?  1.5 Significant of studyThis study contribute to Education and grades as it always the acquisition of an employability. But in the 21st century people are mostly train their skill in the school or workplace. This show that in the workplace it do not only based on the level of education and grades to get a well- paying job.

  To change this perception, we should do more awareness to the parents and children on how important of skills and education to go hand in hand. Lastly, this study are important to parents who think that good grades are important to think otherwise. Parents should not emphasize much on the grades of the child as nowadays work place are based on the skill as well.

 2.1 Literature ReviewEmployability and level of education in employability In many countries, they are putting much pressure on education as it can contribute to the country and companies. If a company’s performance boost it can help the economy of the country. Human Capital required qualifications and knowledge in order for the company to become successful. According to, Barrie (2007), at the organizational level, the employee who is highly educated could help the business to grow rapidly. People who are graduate with higher education institution are the only indication intellectual ability and knowledge. However, according to (Trusty & Niles, 2004) if an individual has at least a degree they may not have the entry to get into higher-paying occupations.  Therefore, it may not necessary based on the level of education of an individuals attained.

Furthermore, if a person graduate with a degree without any skill may face problem because they are only using grades ability without additional skills that they needed in the working world. To increase the employability students are to show more focus on lifelong learning as it can make them to have the more experience and training as it is also an additional knowledge and education. Students should not only based on completing a degree but as well as have the opportunity to broaden their education with lifelong learning such as skill or social.   Will grades guarantee a success    Grades are where hard work and effort a persons have put in. They may sacrifice hours of study to get good grades and a pass to a well-paying job. Grades don’t always define who we are in the real world. In the research, there is author show the positive and negative of grades. According to the research Furr and Elling (2000), if person grades are not excelled they may face the overload in their job as they may work more hours compared to the freshmen although they may have more working experience.

This show that the academics grades affect them. Based on (Pennington, Zvonkovic, & Wilson, 1989) their research stated that grades do not really matter as in the real world hard work will build stronger academic character as it will help them to learn up more skill and help them to excel in life as well. Therefore, this show that everyone individual have different perception about how important of grades bring success.Soft skill are also competencies to EmployabilitySkills are built from a person personalities, attributes, traits and personal behaviour of individuals.

Skills include certain abilities such as communication, problem-solving, self-motivation, decision-making and time management skills. Thus this is what many employers sort after. People with soft skills enable them to act fast without any problem when they encounter situation formally or informally within people of internal or externally of the company.  A study by Hodges and Burchell (2003), stated that employee are unique if they have different skill. The research has eight out of ten people who have the soft skill which makes them work more efficiently. Not only that, according to (Kumara & Sahasranam, 2008) have done a research about will it change students when they have soft skill.

They investigated it on engineering students in India and they found out that people who have soft skill will change and shape themselves to become a better person. In the meantime, it makes them develop creativity among students such as higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skill. This can help students to get a specific skill they need in the career field. Therefore, it makes students to prepare and understand the working world and make them appreciate and see the value of education model and the important of soft skill.Lastly, (Purcell, K., Morley, M. & Rowley, G.

2002) finding stated that some employs a degree may not represent anything more than a ‘threshold to the requirement in addition to other evidence of suitability’. This author has also highlighted the importance some employers with soft skill which mean that if a employers have extra skill it will be better and a great chance of hiring.3.1 Methodology A questionnaire was used to collect data from Sunway College students, friends and family member. The instrument used are a survey. The survey used the quantitative method. The questionnaire mainly consisted of multiple choice. A copy of the questionnaire was provided to those students who expressed their willingness to participate.

The survey will consist of 30 participation.As in the result have shown that many participation agrees that education help secures a better job. There are 27 participants which should that 90% agree that education help to secure a better job while 3 participants show which is 10 %  who do not agree that education helps to get a secure job.

This show that based on Barrie (2007) a company get to boost are also based on the education of a person, which show that in the line of what I have found education is important in everyone mind-set as it can help themselves to get a well-paying job and help the company performance and the economy to boost when there is education.Based on the bar graph there is 21 people have chosen that grades will lead to success in life. While there is 9 who think grades who not bring success to life. As according to Furr and Elling (2000), they have done a research with the college graduate and freshmen which found that college graduate working hours will be more compared to freshmen although college graduate has more working experience.

Therefore it shows that if person grades are not excelled they may face the overload in their job.Every individual is unique with their own soft skill. With the different skill of every individual, it helps a person to have advantages of themselves. This can make them work more efficiently and effectively with many skill they have. The most common skill that most individual will have is the skill of willingness to learn.

While the least is the conflict resolution because many individuals are not prepared to accept challenges and think out of the box to solve it. Many individuals have different skill in themselves. According to Hodges and Burchell (2003) stated that employee are unique if they have different skill. They have done a research on 8 people who have different skill this show that everyone has worked efficiently when they have different skill.Not only that, a survey was done to make them understand how deep do the participants know about the importance of soft skill.

While in the survey question about will soft skill help in career advancement 24 participants stated that it will. Not only that, are soft skill important to get a better job majority agree with that statement. Moreover, soft skill is highly sought after by employers many people have chooses agree as it does not only based on education, soft skill are important in the workplace as it is the most useful weapon an individual has.

Based on (Kumara , 2008) they have investigated it with engineering students in India which found out that people who have soft skill will change and shape themselves to become a better person. In the meantime, it makes them develop creativity among students. Lastly, does knowledge important in soft skill many participation have to disagree with this statement as they think that soft skill is important. Therefore, everyone has the idea of the importance of soft skill. Which show that (Purcell, K.

, Morley, M. & Rowley, G. 2002) their finding is true as a degree may not represent anything more than a ‘threshold to the requirement in addition to other evidence of suitability’.

This author has also highlighted the importance some employers with the soft skill which mean that if a employers have the extra skill it will be better and a great chance of hiring.According to the findings of this study, Grades and soft skill are equally important to determine the level of success of an individual. They should balance with the soft skill and education as it gets to work more efficiently when there is the soft skill. Soft skill is learned through experience while grades are only based on the books. Therefore, an individual get to experience more when there is the soft skill as it enables them to act fast without any problem when they encounter situation formally or informally.

Moreover, an individual should know how to balance within soft skill and grades as it gets to work more efficiently. As In the survey, there are 13 people disagree that soft skill are hard to learn. This show that students can to participate more activities inside or outside the classroom to improve their skill. Therefore, students should know how to balance with grades and not only focus on one part. Employer love to hire people with skill and good grades as they could solve problem within people of internal or externally of the company. Lastly, the problem I face is there is a limited time and coming out a research topic with less participate want to attempted the survey questions.AbstractSoft skill and grades have an essential role in the society.  This study are concerning and appreciation of soft skill and grades are competencies in employment.

The data are collected to 30 participants who willing to participate to fill in the survey. Moreover, certain respondent have agree that soft skill are really important in employment. This show that they have understand the employment perspectives while the most common skill that a person have in themselves are willingness to learn and teamwork.

Soft skill were useful for social interaction as with the unique skill of us person only can show in the society. Lastly, in the discussion everyone have the perception that grades and skill are important which show that in line of what I have find is true. Everyone have the mind-set that skill and grades are important in employment.


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