1.1 good for eczema skin, oily skin,


1      Industry BackgroundCare Your Skin is an organic handmade product whichwas founded by Lilian and May who were the students of biotech from a localuniversity. In December 2000 while they were still pursuing their study in the university,they began the organic handmade soap and lotion business in local market tomake some extra money to pay for their education fees and expenses. After aperiod of time, their products became a sensation in the market and frequentclients keep coming back repeatedly for their skin care products. Thissubsequently urged them to generate more skin care products which were good foreczema skin, oily skin, dry skin as well as sensitive skin. Those productswhich made by them had unique look, smell and different feel from other homogenousproducts.In 2004, Lilian and May set up their first store inthe market. They were striving hard against their competitors, C brand and R brandduring the first two years of their business. Some time later in a TV show, awell-known TV presenter shared an experience of her son of using Care Your Skinproducts and found that the products has healed her son’s eczema problem.

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Lilian and May’s business perked up notably since the show telecast and theyfinally got a break after years of struggling. From that onwards, they startedto receive several enquiries regarding their products from the customers. Nowcustomers can purchase Care Your Skin products easily as it is available and canbe found everywhere in Kuching especially inside a supermarket and hypermarket.Soon after, their products have attracted much attention from overseas. Inaddition, they receive orders for their product from customers outside thecountry who mainly came from other Asian countries.

1.2      Future ScopeLilian and May wish to expand their business intoanother dimension by selling Care Your Skin products online so that they can spreadit into a worldwide trading in such way. Other than that, they intended tooperate into make-up products to widen their business in both local and foreignmarkets.

1.3      Business Model and EnvironmentA business model is defined how an organization makesprofit, creates, delivers and captures value from its operation (4 Different Types of Business Model 2017).Care Your Skin is a partnership business model as it was formed and run by two biotechnologystudents – Lilian and May. Both of them share ownership as they have capacityto make decision and control over the business.

They also take part in managingthe business together and share the profits and losses equally. Moreover, the targetaudiences of Care Your Skin is very far-ranging. Their target audiences can be everyoneespecially those who have skin problems and anyone who likes their uniqueorganic handmade products.


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