?Corruption Is the Root Cause of Economic Slowdown in India Essay

Corruption Is the Root Cause of Economic Slowdown in IndiaCorruption is omnipresent. From micro-institutions to macro-institution, from local to government institutes each operated and continued to exist and flourish with its own set of corruption activities.

What should be noted here is that corruption is going to exist as long as planet earth does. There is plausible end to the institution of corruption, which though illegal is unconsciously legal, especially in developing countries like China and India. Not with the intention of promoting corruption but the truth is that, India has to grow with it and yes it is growing with it , of course the slowdown is partial but it nothing as compared to how slow things would become without it. In a diverse and developing India the root cause of corruption is the low quality integration of the executive body and the judiciary. This is the key link to the successful management of any state or governing body. The executive body in India comprises of selfishly motivated politician and bureaucrats that make a low impact on the policies and society at large. Delving deeper into the core issues that trigger bouts and make corruption rampant are the desires for more luxury, more money, more power.

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More the power more is the capacity to circumvent the law, thereby making space for more corrupt practices.The education and literacy levels are low and thus people get attracted to illegal practices to move higher up in any aspect of life, be it buying seats for children in educational institutes or buying seats to bolster their career development. Alright, corruption happens everywhere but the real problem maker in here is the easy going punishment system with lax rules of punishing offenders. Also an associate of corruption that works in closely is nepotism that kind of protects and promotes the entire idea of corruption. In fact, MBAupdates feel that nepotism is the real cause of corruption. Most of the offenders are people who feel they have the power to commit a crime as they have the power the go away scot-free and this is exactly where India makes it different form the other countries where citizens fear law and punishment if nothing else.

We conclude that corruption though illegal is quite an inevitable institution that one has to deal with, whether one likes it and promotes it or not, economic growth will occur with it, rather have to move simultaneously. It has become such an integral part of the bigger development and macro functioning of the economy that to get rid of it and to remove it from your growth equation may shift the entire growth trajectory. The structure of the country, the formal and informal sector, the black and the white sector, the blue collar and the white collar, the privileged and the under-privileged, the urban and the rural, the fundamental dichotomy does not allow corruption to die away as long as growth is on the agenda. Nepotism though, still remains on the top of list, a prime mover of the corruption in India today. Maybe it’s too late for growth to be entirely affected by it.


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